[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Hi @Sandarva_Khanal,

Unfortunately Blink has savored integration ties with SmartThings when they were acquired by Amazon a short time ago.
You can still have an indirect integration with ST via the IFTTT. You may have to look some posts earlier by myself and another discussing this option and how to make it work with SmartThings.

You can try this


Here is that post I was refering to:

Shouldnt be a need for device handler with on off. Just make a virtual switch and use ifttt to turn on and off whenever you have specified. Example mine arm when i leave and disarm when i arrive.
Now motion i have no idea about, i just use the blink app to alert me of that.

The motion option is for ST motion integration. If Blink camera detects motion, it will activate a virtual switch and trigger a SmartThings response.

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Blink launched Activity Zones. Enjoy!

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Pretty easy to set up.
I hope this cuts down on some of the “False Alarms” caused by trees moving or bright sunlight reflections.

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Wow, thanks for sharing. Going to try removing my black electrical tape on my outdoor camera.

Any idea how this is being done? Since it is PIR, do you think it is still recording on PIR, but only sending it if Motion is in the dedicated zones?

They can’t have that much granularity over the PIR sensor, can they??

I presume the PIR senses motion, it starts sending the feed to Amazon’s cloud and they use their AI to apply the ‘activity zone’ mask and THEN they’ll notify you if it applies. That’s the only I can see them doing it currently without knowing more.

Perhaps the cameras themselves have enough power for OpenCV stuff? I would think that would EAT battery though.

At the moment, this only is in Beta for Blink original cameras. It is not yet deployed to my XT camers.

@lmosenko Not true. All my cameras have it. It’s no longer beta, it’s just taking a while to be completely deployed. Blink said up to a week.

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Takes time for all your cameras to get the firmware updates all mine including xt have the new features

Seems to work pretty good so far and cuts down on false alarms

So I read online the PIR sensor still triggers, but then the video checks the active vs inactive areas. Probably will hurt battery a bit, but not as much as uploading it to the web as a false motion would do.

Seems like car headlights are still an issue with the new activity zones. My street is marked off but still flagging cars going by. Bummer, was hoping it would solve this.

Might be back to the electrical tape method!

I masked off my street and not 1hour later I received a notification. I had missed a sliver and that seems to be the culprit. I can’t speak for headlights but it has allowed me to better position 2 of my 4 cameras. So far so good.

It became operational on my XT’s yesterday

As others have pointed out, it’s available for all cameras now, just that it takes a little time for the firmware update to propagate to all of them.

From what they told me, the processing of a motion event occurs on the camera after the PIR sensor detects motion, so that should help cut down on battery drain in addition to nuisance notifications.

It’s definitely not 100% effective, as headlights and shadows still seem to cause some issues, even in the zones that are shaded out in the app.

But it’s still a big improvement.

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It would be nice if they could make the masking zones smaller to allow more precise masking, but this is a big step forward.

My only Blink XT doesn’t have it yet.

That’s always going to be an issue for any ‘zone/line’ crossing camera, without using something like computer vision/AI, it’s always going to trigger on something like that since it’s just looking for change within the zone.

In future I can see cameras powered by something like this (ignore all the peripherals, the important bit is the Pi, the PiCam and the Vision board):

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