[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Yes I have done that? The IFTTT?

You’ve set the IFTTT applet up to turn on the virtual switch when motion is detected?

I have done this?ifttt1 I appreciated the help. Thanks you.

It should be the Blink Camera device. Not the system. The virtual camera then triggers the alarm function

I not sure how to set that up? Do I create a virtual switch for each camera? Or how do I set the camera up as you suggested? Sorry to be so inept about this.

I was one of the first people on this thread in uproar when this was announced - mainly because I had just received a pair of Blink XT’s for Christmas. However, I’m happy to say that through a mixture of Virtual Switches, IFTTT and WebCore - I’m pretty pleased with things as they stand. Could it be better? Of course it could. The biggest issue I’ve got is actually of Blink’s own making and that’s the IFTTT applet not firing until AFTER the motion has taken place. Everything else works just fine for my needs.

For example, similar to @Gutheinz, I have created 2 Device Type Handlers. The first one is based off a simple push button handler and this allows me to arm / disarm the Blink system. The second one is based off a momentary button and turns on / off when motion is detected via each camera. All of this is done via 4 IFTTT applets:


The best thing about using virtual switches is that I can then use them in my WebCore setup. So for example, when the last person leaves the house the Blink system arms, and similarly, when someone returns the Blink system disarms.

It’s also hooked into my Night Time routine, so when I say “Alexa, Bed Time” all of my devices turn off, SmartThings is put into ‘Sleep’ mode and the Blink system arms. Then… if the there is any motion detected in the middle of the night by my front camera - the porch lights come on, and so do our living room lights - frightening off any would be intruder.

I’m sure the Rboy app would give me so much more flexibility - but for now it does as much as I need it too.


This is the one that is giving me the trouble? I when back and delete all of my Motion through IFTTT Devices on the IDE and kept My virtual switch turns off and on my Blink System which works good. Can you walk me through the steps on how to create each camera on or off based on motion?

The second one is based off a momentary button and turns on / off when motion is detected via each camera.

  1. I created a new device handler called ‘Blink - Motion’ which uses the ‘Momentary Button Tile’ as a template.
  2. I created 2 Virtual Switches called ‘Blink (Front)’ and ‘Blink (Back)’. Both use this new device handler.
  3. In the IFTTT Smart App I add these 2 switches so that they can be found when creating the applet online.
  4. I go online and create the first applet - IF motion detected ‘camera name’ THEN switch on ‘virtual switch name’.

Then when the system is armed, that should be all that is required for the virtual switch to work.


@Hilly_2015 Can you share that device handler? I not a very good coder.


There you go - like I say - there’s not much different from the standard ‘momentary button tile’ except for I changed the text on the app to be ‘Motion’ and ‘No Motion’.

I’m sure @Gutheinz one is a lot more polished.


No. It is very simple, no polish. No bells. No whistles.

So, just to add my two cents to all this…I also bought a second Blink module, so now I have two ‘always on’ cameras on one module, and 4 ‘security’ cameras that arm and disarm based on whether or not we’re home or away, or if the house is in ‘night’ mode on the second module.

Of course, this doesn’t give me the granular control of each camera that I had before, so I’ve lost a lot of functionality (a specific camera becoming motion sensitive based on a gate opening, a specific camera taking a picture based on a door closing, etc), but at least I have about 60% of my previous use back…albeit through IFTTT.

I was considering changing all the way over to Arlo or something ST compatible, but I’d be out like $500 to do that…so I’m hoping the $50 module option was a better choice. …And maybe Amazon will allow the cameras a level of granular control in the future…maybe…

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Does anyone have any idea what this from Live logging?

12:23:27 PM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_dth_cab2eb9a_652a_4ad7_b601_483ee09ba647_ver_0_1.null() is applicable for argument types: () values: []
Possible solutions: dump(), now(), push(), run(), dump(), html(java.lang.String)

In live logging it should be associated with a device, so which one of your devices did it come from and what DTH is it using?

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@johnconstantelo It’s the Blink Camera and DTH I guess I put something in wrong as it was not working and I was looking at live logging for another device when this show up. Thanks.

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Hi @llcanada, this was briefly discussed above, starting at this post:

I see a couple of people are doing like me–adding at least another sync module. However, I’d encourage you to email their customer service and/or open a support ticket. Customer service offered me a $40 off sync module voucher and I ordered one for $10 (plus $10 shipping) but then tech support set up an RMA process for me to give me a free sync module, so I cancelled that first order. You might inquire about that as I did. I essentially just emailed them the laundry list of functionality I was losing by their decision. I need to do the virtual switch setup still once I get my new sync module, but having indoor/outdoor control will suffice for the most part. But I still lose stuff like being able to change the XT’s sensitivity with sunrise/sunset since I get so many false positives during the day with wind… Anyway, I suggested in the message that another sync module would at least help the situation quite a bit.


@Kneemuh Sorry I missed that. Did you get it to work as I’m still doing something wrong.

I still have the error, but yes it works.

The Blink System device handler accepts only the on and off commands (from the user or from some other source)… IF there is a smart app that is trying to send it some other command, this error can occur. When it receives the on command, sets a state that is read by IFTTT (switch on) which will arm the Blink System.

The Blink Camera also uses the on / off command. any other command sent to the device could cause this type of error. Again, the ON is received from IFTTT based on a camera detecting motion. OFF is sent by the user (to cancel the alarm) or is automatically set. The output is again a state that is read by various apps to cue system actions in the event of motion.

Since I do not know the app that is sending the invalid method, I really can not fix the problem. To what apps do you have the Blink Camera attached (including Action Tiles). These may be trying to get data that was available in Rboys app, but not here (i.e., temperature, etc.). If I know the command, I could dummy up the system to not give the error.