[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Thanks a lot Dave, so there is possibilities still, can this be armed/disarmed per camera? even though Blink have removed the (unofficial) official ST integration, I didnt know this thanks.

I thin I may still keep and setup then and see how go. I see @RBoy hasn’t really said anything since saying he’s talking to Blink to see. Would be nice to know any update and if they are going to let him continue, or get the integration off him and release officially?


You can not arm or disarm by camera; however, the motion detection can be camera specific. You will need one virtual device per camera or group of cameras then point the IFTTT output to that virtual device.

IFTTT Limitations. Arm/Disarm - System only. Alerts - By camera only (you have to create a IFTTT thread for each camera).

Does not help with the blink app. Does help with the SmartThings integration.

This is VERY SIMPLE code. But it is also modifiable by anyone who wants.

Thanks for publishing this, Dave! I see the comment in your read-me file, “Installation is a manual IDE installation”, and I was curious if that’s why I’m unable to locate those groovy files when I try to integrate your repo with my IDE and dynamically pull down from the “Blink-Camera-Motion-Detection-SmartThings-with-IFTTT” folder via my IDE.

The repository is not located in the SmartThings space, therefore you cannot add that Repo to your Settings in the IDE. Hence, the manual copy/paste method.

No. I just do not have GitHub integration installed. Requires manual copy / paste at this time.

Okay, I thought I’d set it up correctly, but given that it doesn’t appear to be working as I thought it might, I’m guessing I either did something wrong, or I misunderstood the use case.

I created four virtual devices (the one system device and three cameras) and then added five triggers to IFTTT (two for arm/disarm and one each for the three cameras). Then, I configured the cameras as Motion Sensors within @RBoy’s Intruder Alert app ([RELEASE] Security System: Intruder Alert with Actions (Entry Delay, Exit Delay, Countdowns, Keypads, Lights, Alarms, Pictures/Cameras, Routines etc)). I then tapped arm on the Blink System Virtual Device “thing” in the SmartThings mobile app. After that, I walked in front of the camera, which triggered a recording but never triggered a motion alert / intruder alert within RBoy’s Intruder Alert SmartApp (which used to work properly prior to Blink cutting off his Blink DTH & SmartApp).

My testing was against the SmartThing inherit security settings. It worked fine.

One observation you could make. Several seconds after walking in front of the camera, you should see the below screen. Note the red “motion”. It takes 5 - 10 seconds to load. I have it set to return to normal after 60 seconds.

Great job!! So would this give me the option to arm and disarm blink system using smartthings presence and WITHOUT USING IFTTT?

Pretty clearly states above that this does use IFTTT.

Think he means without using IFTTT directly regarding presence sensing.

ie Smartthings presence sensor leaves geofence which triggers System Device to turn on and arm Blink cameras. So essentially yes. Just poorly worded.

This as opposed to IFTTT presence detection if I’m not mistaken. The IFTTT setup would still need to be established beforehand.

Having a toy with this myself now. Impressive stuff so far. I’d like to use the internal cameras as motion sensors without being armed. I’m assuming this is not possible in its current state.

Yes exactly- I want to be able to have the system arm through smartthings when ALL leave or ALL arrive and IFTTT doesn’t allow that. Only individuals

So example- when all presence so and so leaves arm blink system
When all presence so and so arrives disarm.

You could create a routine that is triggered when everyone leaves, and when the routine runs it turns on a virtual switch.

In IFTTT, if the virtual switch turns on in ST, then arm blink.

Do the opposite for when you come home.

Trying this as well. I’ve updated the various routines (Goodbye, I’m Back, etc.) to turn the Blink System on and off. Within those routines, you can have the dependency of all individuals.

I think we need additional applets to change the cameras to “off” in ST when the system is disabled.

Individual camera control via the blink app or Ifttt is a request that’s been sat there for 7+ months on the blink community forums. Blink staff have been radio silent since July stating it is the most heavily requested feature and is on the road map… No further news on progress as yet… That’s the one thing missing now for me besides the ability to detect motion when system is disarmed.

Blink will have a booth at CES, hope somebody here visits them.

I asked Blink support via email re: individual camera control and motion stopped trigger from IFTTT, their response was neither is under consideration but thanks for the request.

The Blink System itself does not provide motion detection unless the camera is armed.

PS- to everyone. Mods are easy. This was a quickie project to restore motion alarm to my SmartThings. Other hooks are possible; however, I believe firmly in KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Appreciate the assist Dave.

@Wjstefanelli. When did Blink give you that response. Check this thread on the forums I’ve been following;


Specifically the Blink staff response from June around individual camera scheduling. If your response was after this then Lord knows what’s happening at Blink. Wouldn’t mind a trip to CES myself :grin:

I got the response on 12/30 sadly. Of course its not surprising that Amazon would re-evaluate everything.

I replied to them with a link to the above and requesting clarification. My request added an IFTTT trigger for motion stopped, so maybe the person responding didn’t thoroughly research it.

Hi Dave,

Thank you, this confirms my suspicion — user error. I clearly didn’t set it up correctly, since I am not seeing the red “motion” alert occur at all. Cameras are armed and recording video, but for some reason, either SmartThings or IFTTT aren’t seeing the motion event.

Question for you — do all of my IFTTT triggers look correct to you in the screenshot from my previous post?

Side note—I’m not 100% certain I fully understood the very last step of your instructions (Step C), so in particular I am wondering if I misconfigured those IFTTT applets?

Edit: I just thought of one other potential cause — when authorizing the IFTTT service, I noticed that the cameras appear twice: once under Switches, and again under Motion Detectors. I chose the latter, and I am wondering if choosing the former would potentially fix it.

Edit #2: Huzzah! That was the problem! I had authorized IFTTT to access the Blink Virtual Devices as Motion Detectors, when they should have been authorized as Switches instead. @Gutheinz: It may help others to edit Installation step #4 and specify this. Just a thought… thanks again for sharing your code! :slight_smile: