[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

I wonder when RBoy is going to chime in, not that I blame him in the slightest, in fact Blink has been just as rude about him as they have about SmartThings in the past, recommending IFTTT over “not having to pay for third party integration”…

But he’s being oddly silent on it all. Either Blink has him under NDA or something he’s just as pissed as we are.

I thought when he built the app he had the support of Blink!!! I am not sure we are going to get anywhere by leaving feedback and complaining and leaving Amazon reviews. Even though I have done all the above. :slight_smile: I am now looking for alternatives. Are there any recommendations out there.

Someone in the ST Facebook group posted this comment a few minutes ago:

“Just got a reply from RBoy. They don’t know why Blink is discontinuing integration. They are suggesting everyone contact Blink and relay how dissatisfied they are with Blinks decision.”

So, if true, that means RBoy was given no advanced warning either.


If you read the email, they say change your password. Do you think possibly that there might be a security issue. Possible access to everyones camera’s.

Anyone who got there camera in the last year should ask to return it. That will get there attention. If we can 10,000 they would think twice.


Folks, been working on getting details from Blink’s management but haven’t heard anything back as yet.

For now please send in your comments to Blink support.


Yes, it could be that there is a security issue. However, they could have communicated it much better.

Review added to Amazon.

I’ll say this again: best thing that could happen is that someone reverse engineers Blink’s app protocol and use that in the device handler, or in another (better) standalone app. Perhaps we won’t get as many features as we had but at least they wont be able to stop it (so easily).

Well I had the power go out last night. When I went to get into smartthings my blink camera was “offline” and my credentials not correct either. now I know why. The only reason I got the blink cameras was for the smartthings integration. Very upset as I now have to try and find another way to geofence them when we leave and arrive.

You can do it with webCoRE, IFTTT, and simulated switches.

Yay! Kudos to Amazon.

I had purchased two of these cameras in September from Amazon. I wrote them an email this afternoon and they just refunded me the entire amount and asked me to

"…donate or dispose of it–whichever option is most appropriate and convenient… "

This morning’s email from Blink was extremely upsetting to me. Mine are going in the trash. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Might as well sell them and make some money off the back of Blinks Blunders!

Don’t throw them away - I’ll take them off your hands and pay for shipping if nothing else.

I guess I’m a little lucky. I have decided to buy into rboy’s blink app for a while now but procrastinated a bit. My procrastination worked out for the better at least this once.

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Confirmed. If you have purchased a Blink camera system in the past 12 months, they will extend the return policy to allow returns. However, I might try the Amazon route too that was mentioned by @hbaxi.


Sorry Brad.

A friend at work decided to take them. I just finished removing them and reset the sync module.

Yuck, what a horrible company. Never doing business with them again.


I’m genuinely curious as to how many cameras end up getting returned because of this. I’m going to be returning all 16 of mine once I get home and can get the details from the sync module to fill out the returns form.

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me too, just 2 weeks ago

In the meantime,
If anyone is looking to sell off their Blink Systems, Pls PM me. I’m willing to buy.

Just trying to make a point on their late notice not giving people any early warning. Even telling people on the 19 is a bit late…