[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

I have a couple of questions that I didn’t see addressed in the FAQ.

  1. Will the live view work if your phone isn’t connected to the same local network?

  2. Does the device handler work by connecting to the local system directly or is it reliant upon the availability of Blink’s servers? Or is it a mix of both depending upon which feature is being utilized?

The live view can be seen in the ST app when on separate networks. The Blink integration relies on the ST and Blink Servers.

Hi @redamo,

Blink cameras are not meant to be motion sensors per say. They first and formost a video recording system. You will receive notifications only after the recording is done.

Hi @lmosenko,

Thanks for the reply. So in order to trigger an action in SHM, do I need to purchase another set of motion detectors? I am a bit confused as I’ve read in the description that the Handler exposes their motion detection capabilities, it’s just looks like they can’t trigger an action, or at least I haven’t figured out how.

It does, but the Blink system brodcasts motion event after it uploads the video clip. Than you will receive the motion notification. This is also dependant on the latency between your Blink -> wifi router -> Internet Provider -> ST server/Your Cell Phone.

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got it, found an answer in this thread Blink camera as a motion detector although it’s awfully complicated (probably mostly due to how Blink is set in the firmware).

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I installed the device handler and smartapp on my system, all seems to work except for arming of the cameras based upon mode. It does not arm or disarm the cameras as I have them setup. What could I be missing?

Edit: I just figured out it is simply arming / disarming indivual cameras even though I have the advanced option enabled to arm / disarm the entire sync module. That piece does not seem to be working properly for me. The cameras get disarmed in “Home” mode, but the sync module remains armed. Any fix for this?

That is by design, cameras and sync modules are controlled independently. The integration focusses on arming and disarming individual cameras instead of sync modules to give better control over the integration/setup. If the cameras are disarmed, leaving the sync module armed has no impact.

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Is your discount code still valid? Does it work on the UK site? If not - is there an opportunity to ask Blink for a new code? Looking to buy a pack of XT’s.

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Thanks for the clarification. I’ll just have to get used to arming / disarming from Smartthings only and not from the blink app.

It looks like there is a 20% off CyberMonday discount at both the US and UK sites.
Better deal than the $25 codes.

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Code DRUMSTICK. 20% off on orders of $150 or more

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Fantastic :smiley: - assume UK too?

Yeah I saw, however not on the XT range. I’m after outdoor only atm.

No :frowning:
No UK support for discount code.

Amazon has two indoor cameras with a sync module for $127.49. I think that is a bit less than the 20% off on Blinks website would come out to.

Emergency UPDATE!

Just talked with Blink support and they are experiancing server issues on one or more of their servers.
They don’t have a solution or why this happened yet!

@maddie, @RBoy

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It looks like there was an issue yesterday but it appears to be resolved now and it’s working fine.

How are the Solar panels holding up? can you provide some details on the setup maybe include some pictures? very interested in trying this option.


Will this work in the UK? i.e. different frequency and .co.uk account?