[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Not sure if this is something new, or I just didn’t notice this before: ST does not update the status of the camera, motion on/off when the cameras setting is changed from Blink app. Thinking about it, it is probably just like the temperatures, it wont change until a camera refresh.

Correct, ST polls the camera every 15-30 minutes so eventually it’ll catch up.

I’m sorry man. But I’m still having any issues with this. My camera is still remaining on. Even though system is set to Home.

I’m not quite understanding how the to make the Piston continuously loop, till it gets what it wants. Because it just isn’t happening for me sporadically.

Today came home, disarmed house, and one camera remaind active… Even after being home for half hour…so the piston never ran again, telling it to shut off because mode is Home. It ran to shut off the two cameras, but then never ran again I guess. Because 1 remains on.

me too having same issue.
I have a piston which turn on & off cameras once location mode changes. But it doesn’t always work.
Some days it will turn on and some days it wont.

Be aware of how many commands your custom pistons are sending to the blink server and the device handler. It has rate limits to protect the server. It is NOT a good idea to use endless loops and if Blink detects endless loops continuously hitting the server you could end up with a disabled account.

See my above post about looping pistons.

If you’re having intermittent issues with ST executing commands, especially through routines - sometimes the platform does timeout if there are too many commands or devices being controlled which can leave some cameras or devices not in the desired state.

You can try this app which is designed to help provide a backup for these platform quirks.

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I see references to setting the video recording time to 1 sec.
Where is that done?
I don’t see any place to do that in either the Blink app or RBoy’s smartapp.

Or is it in Webcore?

It can be done in the Blink app if you want to “set it and forget it” under the settings of each camera. Or in ST, you can use WebCoRE piston if you want it to change in different modes/routines/times etc.

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Hats off to @Rboy , not only the application is amazing, but also is constantly updated with features and bug fixes, plus their CS is amazing, I have 5 blink cameras and I need to get 3-4 more and thanks to @Rboy’s app and their CS definitely they will be Blink !!

Thanks !!

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Thanks for your reply.

In the Blink app it appears that 5 sec is the minimum.

I’ve done a number of simple pistons in Webcore for controlling other Things, but I haven’t figured out how to set the recording time for the cameras.

If you could post a screen shot or instructions it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is an example of a piston. I have found if you go into the Blink app and go into the settings on the camera it will bring it back to 5 seconds (actually records 4 seconds). Viewing a clip does not change it to 5 seconds. I don’t set mine to the 1 second so I can’t say what else may set it back to 5 seconds while in the Blink app. Others that use the cameras that way may chime in.

Blink Camera Manager - Version 05.08.02

  • Display the same temperature in SmartThings for each camera as reported in the Blink Native app

Blink Device Handler - Version 05.04.02

  • Enable reporting WiFi/SM signal strength and camera update events to SmartThings

Refer to previous release notes for additional details:



You wrote:
“Honestly I’ve had better (albeit not good) results with having the gate opening trigger 5 stills from the blink camera.”

Where/how do you view those 5 still images?

In theory, I get them as alerts on my phone, but I don’t know that it’s ever worked propoerly. I don’t think the camera is able to cycle fast enough and the commands get lost. I usually just get one or two stills.


I must be missing something.
I get a text message sent from the Blink app (or if I want, the RBoy smartapp), but I just get a text message, not a picture.

Any thoughts on how I can get pictures to show up on my phone (iphone)?

Hi all,

FYI Update.

Blink is still looking for their app Beta Testers! Please sign up.All the testers are welcome, even casual users. They need more feedback.


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I’m not certain if I should post here or in ActionTiles…

There is a 24 degree difference between the temperature (67) reported in the Blink app for one of my XT cameras, and the temp reported on the ActionTile for that camera (91). 67 degrees is correct. SmartThings reports 91 degrees also. This has been occurring for about 4 or 5 days now. My other 2 XT’s report consistently correct temperatures in both places.

I’ve tried updating the camera settings in the Blink app, and I deleted and re-installed the Temp tile in ActionTiles. No change.

Anybody have any helpful suggestions?

Dear RBoy
The Blink camera sends temperature and battery information to the ‘server’. I am presuming the camera must have (however crude) a - for want of a better word - ‘light meter’ (if only to determine if the light was needed to assist in the snapshot or video burst). I was contemplating buying some Fibaro motion sensors which also report on light intensity, but wondered if the Blink camera might be used in a similar way? Your thoughts. (If this has been discussed before, please accept my apologies. I’ve leafed through this forum but was unable to find anything).
In closing may I congratulate you on a very nice piece of software ,which I am very pleased with. I think Blink also owe you a vote of thanks. It would be interesting to know just how many cameras have been sold on the back on your integration!


No idea, @tgauchat ?

That information is not made available to clients. Maybe in future.

You are correct the average SmartThings user has a higher propensity to buy more Blink cameras. Can’t reveal the stats though :slight_smile:

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