[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications


I would not advise that after all what happens if you actually decide you want the light back or want to sell the camera on etc. It takes minutes to pop open the cover, unscrew the board and put some tape over the led and put it all back together. Plenty of videos out there detailing the process. I did all of my cameras in less than 15 minutes.


Took your advice and watched the video and did it that way.


Curious if this has the ability to setup a zone like service. For example arm only outdoor cameras when home but arm all cameras when not home.

Yes, that was one of the primary purposes of the Blink Camera Manager SmartApp. You can select which camera to arm in selective modes.

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Hi @amishtech,

And for those times when ST failes, you can also have a CoRe PISTON run a check if anyone is home interior cameras are to be turned off when presence or active motion or combination.

Here’s a neat app to create a routine backup. Essentially this runs a minute or so after the mode changes and verifies if the routines actions were completed and if not does them for you (and notifies you).

Hello everyone- I love this app. I just installed the new version and now I don’t have battery monitor number showing or temp numbers showing anyone know what may be the problem? Error I get when using sensor update button on cameras is this

84666db2-ddc5-4183-a1d0-997fb73f67c8 4:20:36 PM EDT: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method round() on null object @ line 1772

Did you get this fixed at all? I’m having the same issues no temp number, no battery percentage and I cannot get full screen either.

Did you upgrade to the latest version?

Yes sir i did.

Open the Blink Camera Manager and verify that it’s showing the version as 05.08.01

it is. i now have it working as it was originally. ie. it shows the temp and battery level and they seem to be pretty accurate. but i don’t have a slider, etc. for recording time. it does give advanced options though in the secondary menu for this. now it says there was a problem retrieveving the livestream url.

but anyways. what i’ve found for instal is this. that may be helpful is this.

first as you said in your instructions, install the device handler first then the app. but also make sure to delete the app and device handler out of the IDE. what i originally did was cut the text out of the page and replace it with the new updated form. I fell this was what was causing my issue by leaving old data or settings in place still.

with the password issue, ive found that if you log out of blink camera app and whatever OTHER smartthings account you may be in (wife) will solve the password not valid issue.

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does this mean i can use action tiles to view still images of my blink cameras now? all i see is image capture in action tiles panel builder and i just updated the smartapp and device handler to the latest on the rboy page.

That’s a question for SmartTiles (ActionTiles) to answer. They would need to utilize the capability, the DH has provided a custom mechanism (PoC) to do it. @tgauchat

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ok cool. i wasnt sure if it was an action tiles or an rboy feature. ill post on the actiontiles forum. thanks!!

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Official "Works With SmartThings"™ devices, as well as published Capabilities get priority, but we are interested in knowing how many ActionTiles Customers are interested in Blink integration.

Please open a Feature Request Topic on our Feedback Forum and encourage Votes and other participation. Thanks!



Its probably a bunch. I tried to post on your forum but the page isnt loading. Ill try again later this evening.

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Forum is loading for me…
Just in case; here is an alternate direct link: http://support.actiontiles.com/forums/12-actiontiles-forum/


that worked. not sure why it didnt load before. thanks!!

Just created a thread on the ActionTiles forum.