[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

You aren’t reading it right. You confusing cameras and system. Blink is saying your system is disarmed i.e. Your sync module is disarmed. Nothing about cameras. ST is reporting the same thing. System inactive. See the first post

Add the camera configure it through the Blink app. Open the blink manager app and click done.

The platform is running slow, we’re seeing the same thing here instead of taking 1 second it taking upto 20 seconds. Report it to ST support that the platform timers are running slow or just wait and it’ll fix itself when the platform recovers.

I’m having the same issue as reported here in October: “Error creating Blink Camera Device”, then this message goes away and in red I get: “An unexpected error occurred”. I followed the steps carefully (and did publish the device handler first, it shows up as published in the IDE). OAuth shows up, after update.

As an aside, I’ll say that the first place my experience deviated from the instructions was when I looked in the marketplace in the android app under “Smartapps” for “My Apps”, and it wasn’t there. So I sent an email to Blink support per instructions, but in fact, all I needed to do was restart the app — not even reboot, but just force the app closed and reopen. Not knowing that sent me in some extra directions as I tried to re-install and republish the smartapp based on what Blink Support asked me.

Okay, at any rate, live logging isn’t working for me, or perhaps I just don’t understand how to get it to work. In the IDE I click on the “Live Logging” link at the ~top level of the UI, and it says it’s “waiting on events …”. So I once again try logging in from my android app and I get the same error, but nothing shows up in the IDE live logging area.

It does show that it found my two cameras and lists them, for what that’s worth. Would appreciate a pointer on how to proceed here. Very much looking forward to using your code, so TIA !

Brian it sounds like you may have issues with your ST account. Ask support
to reset your account or just wait for a day and try again. Maybe the ST
servers are having issues. You’re doing IDE Live Logging correctly if you
aren’t seeing anything then there’s a backend issue.

Some some pictures from the Blink booth at CES this year someone got for me. I wonder how loud, or the pitch, of that siren is?


That’s because the values are hardcoded into the CoRE app

[ name: “setVideoLength”,display: “Set video length”, parameters: [“Seconds:number[1…10]”], description: “Set video length to {0}s”, ],

They will need to be updated (1 to 120) tagging @ady624

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I think back then 10 was the max? :wink:


Is this something that I can change now until it is changed in CoRE?

I am so ruling over the Siren and the Keypad! Did your friend get the ETA for those items?
Does the contact sensor imply that they may integrate with some Alarm company?

@RBoy. Do you know anything about this? PM me please if you can.

I also have a flyer that shows the monthly charges for their own alarm system called Seecurity. If I remember right, it started at $9.99/month but I’m not sure if that was dependent upon the number of devices.

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@RBoy Thanks for you superb integration with these units. I just got mine in yesterday, set them up and installed all your components. Have them arming and disarming VIA SHM on Presence from our mobile phones and its working perfectly.

Thanks again!

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Okay, so I guess I"m just not following how things should be setup. Comparing your photos in the first post with mine and reading your trouble shooting hits… Should the camera/device be set to “System Active” and the “Motion Detection” set to off (no green running man) when we don’t want the cameras to detect motion and or send us notifications (for example, while we are home but just want to have a look in on a room or outside)? For when we are not home or at night, should I then setup a routine in ST to turn the motion detection on (green running man)?

How does the Armed/Disarmed setting in the Blink App affect the above? If I’m going to use ST to control the cameras, what should I have the Blink App set to?

In the next version we will be renaming system active to system armed which will match the Blink app. Regarding how the system works, sync module vs camera arming and how to get motion detection please see the first post. It explains how the setup works. The Blink app and ST app are in sync and changes are replicatedboth ways.

Thanks. If that is true, than forget ST Scout Alarm integration. I will pay Blink for their monitoring and Alarm if they call Police and Fire department, As all of us know. ST + Scout just doesn’t work yet. The only thing that the photo is missing is a Smoke/CO detector. But I will wait for that.

###Blink Camera Manager - Version 5.8.0

  • Updated to work with the new Blink servers
  • All communication with the Blink servers is now secure

###Blink Device Handler - Version 5.4.0

  • Updated the user interface match the native Blink app

Will this change any of CoRE pistons or Blink ST App configuration?

In other words, if I use the Bmink cameras heavily for various home automations, will updating mess up anything?

And we update the DTH then the app, right?

No change to existing configuration, nothing required to do after updating the code, it’ll take care of the migration internally. Just copy, paste, save and publish the code.

@Turb02 yes both need to be updated, DTH first and then app

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This is an interesting development. I’m not convinced depending on a proprietary communication protocol is a good long term strategy, however. On the other hand such an ecosystem gives Blink more control over quality and robustness. The latter is lacking when most home automation companies apply open standards today (in my opinion).

In the end, Blink is a great value and it just works. Most buyers won’t care how they do it.