[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

Have you enabled the option to end recording if no motion is detected? This option is there in the native blink app and needs to be enabled for each camera.

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I have these errors in the logs, any idea what it is?

4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.44.59 CET: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: response for class: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException @ line 1076
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.44.38 CET: trace Poll called
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.44.50 CET: trace Generate Event called: [[‘name’:‘monitorStatus’, ‘value’:‘on’]]
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.44.39 CET: trace Generate Event called: [[‘name’:‘monitorStatus’, ‘value’:‘on’]]
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.43.38 CET: error groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: response for class: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException @ line 1076
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.43.16 CET: trace Poll called
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.42.57 CET: error java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @ line 626
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.42.34 CET: trace Poll called
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.42.50 CET: trace Generate Event called: [[‘name’:‘monitorStatus’, ‘value’:‘on’]]
4aaf6fc1-1591-4647-8384-03847ca8448c 13.42.47 CET: trace Generate Event called: [[‘name’:‘monitorStatus’, ‘value’:‘on’]]

It’s the ST platform running slow and timing out. @slagle @Aaron FYI

RBoy - love this integration, one of the most used SmartApps in SmartThings for me…

Are there any plans to have some sort of web based access through IDE? I’d love to be able to see all the cameras at once on a single web page.

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Have you tried using SmartTiles? IMHO that’s an amazing solution for all
your devices

Just want to chime in amongst all the praise.

Bought 5 Blinks, set them up and then bought access to @RBoy’s DH.
Just as easy as 1, 2 ,3: I followed the instructions and now have them integrated with ST.


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Thanks. I have SmartTiles set up but honestly haven’t used it in a while… I will revisit!

As far as I know SmartTiles needs a URL per camera and I don’t think Blink supports this. Please tell me if you’ve found otherwise

I have everything working with Blink, but have a question with Configure Action When Motion is detected. Currently I have nothing set in that area, including Pictures set to off. However, it appears that pictures are still being taken when a camera is armed. Is this a bug?

I so want Blink to expose a URL so I can buy some but sadly this is not supported. I use SmartTiles a lot and this (doorbell video) are the last piece to a fairly complete puzzle.

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I’ve been getting quite a few (atleast 1-2 per day) notifications that my Blink Module is offline. Every time I check, it is back online, causing me to think this is a fleeting issue at best.

I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the issue or if there was a remedy. I never had the issue before the last SmartThings update, but that may be unrelated.

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Have seen it here too. The alert pops-up and the module is working and live video is active.

No issue with my 21 Blinks.

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I have an issue when looking at a live feed in the SmartThings App, iPhone version. I can watch the video with no issues until I use " [ ] " to view full screen and I get an error message: “Error: Stream cannot be opened. Failed to connect to the server.” I hit “OK” and have to hit the “X” to close the window and get back to camera tile.

Parent and child apps are the current versions.

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It’s a ST iPhone quirk, that’s because when you click on the full screen button ST closes the stream and then reopens it on the iPhone. Since blink live video URL’s are strictly one time use the next time ST tires to open it it won’t work. However the ST Android version seems to behave itself and doesn’t close the connection and instead just redirects the stream to the full screen video app and viola it works! @slagle some feedback for the phone product mgrs. For change the Android guys got something right.

Hey guys, I’ve just spent 30 minutes reading through this thread and couldn’t find the answer I was looking for. RBoy, this device handler is AWESOME. Thanks for all your work. I know this wasn’t a feature originally and it still might not be, but is motion detected by the native camera still the only trigger for recording clips? Or can you set different triggers for recording (either with rule machine or within the device handler?) Many reviews say there is a substantial lag between motion and recording within the camera itself, so this DH feature is a make or break for me. Thanks again!

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Yes motion sensor is the only trigger at this time. There is a hack
available. If you arm the system and then take a snapshot it can trigger a
video recording. But it’s not a 100% reliable way.

The better way would be to request Blink to provide a way to manually
trigger a recording.

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Thanks for the quick response. I went ahead and sent them a suggestion. For people that have the system, how long is the lag between actual motion and recording? Is it 2-3 seconds or less than 1 second. Would be nice to know before I invest.

@Rboy. Can you clarify your answer for FAQ #24 :

24 . Can I use the camera in Smart Home Monitor (SHM)
No, ST does not support third party cameras in SHM. You can however use it as a motion sensor in SHM.

I’m assessing Arlo vs Blink, and I have both setup on my ST hub and selected to record in SHM (Premium ST feature, but still free under beta). With the Arlo integration, when an intrusion is detected I get a video capture under SHM which I can play in the SHM intrusion report. However, for the Blink integration I get “Blink Camera is unavailable” msg. Clearly ST support 3rd party cameras in SHM (at least Arlo is supported). Will you consider enabling this feature for your Blink device handler too? tnx.

No ST does not support video recording from third party cameras. Arlo
integration is done by ST and is in BETA. We have been requesting ST to
allow third party video integration. Feel free to drop them a note.

Meanwhile when Blink detects motion it takes a video clip and uploads it to
its own cloud.

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