[DEPRECATED] Blink Camera Device Handler with Motion Sensor, Live Video Streaming, Integration with SmartThings/SHM, Temperature, Signals and Push Notifications

i did not check if the live video is playing on ipad. i am checking the interface changes. interface between iPad and android is different

Folks ST engineers just confirmed that all the ST servers have been patched/upgraded so this problem should be fixed worldwide now. If anyone is still seeing the problem please PM me.

I’ve just now enabled notifications within the Blink Camera Manager app in ST now and when a camera detects motion, I now get four duplicate notifications. Guessing it isn’t a coincidence that I have four cameras, but only one of them had the motion and there was only one clip recorded. Blink app notified me once. I searched the thread and only saw issues with people not getting notifications which turned out to be a platform issue. So, any ideas?

You’ve got a problem with your server registration or your state variable is corrupted. Uninstall your app and reinstall it.

I should add that I just tested a second camera and it only sent one notification. So then I checked the first camera again and now it only sends one. Weird, but it appears that maybe I don’t need to do anything after all.

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Here’s the updated website link, RBoy Apps is now “officially” the ST integration partner for Blink:

If you are a SmartThings customer, you have an excellent option today! Please visit RBoyApps SmartApps and Devices to integrate with SmartThings. You can also find more details about RBoyApps and SmartThings integration on the SmartThings forum.




Wow! This is a Milestone @RBoy! Not ST but BLINK have acknowledged you as their camera integration expert! BLINK should give you a consulting fee for doing the leg work for them and ST should tell you “Thank You”! For doing their work for them; both PR and coding.


Hi @RBoy,

A couple questions for you?

DH v5.1.1 on Android.

Why did you swap live view and the picture carousel?

When trying to live view when the room is very dark via SmartThings, and the light is in Auto and turns ON, the “connecting” message with spinning circle is all I get, but I can clearly hear audio. In the native Blink app, everything works fine, but it seems like in ST when ever the light turns on I can’t see a live feed, just sound. Can you replicate?

Also, am I limited to 4 cameras total (like the Samsung ST integrated ones)?

I haven’t moved to 5.1.1. for this reason, at least not motivated to yet.

I’ve seen this also but seems to go away if I try it later.

I’ve added dozens but had to whittle it down because my hub couldn’t keep up with the trace messages, etc. At least that is what I assumed caused other events to get lost. This motivated me to move to v2 hub which I’m still in the process of doing…

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Thanks @beckwith! BTW, I feel for you regarding the migration to v2. Good luck!


The new Arlo interface indicates 15 cameras per hub.

Connect up to 15 Netgear Arlo cameras

Netgear Arlo cameras connect with SmartThings cloud-to-cloud, which allows this integration to surpass the Hub’s 4-camera limit. However, this integration does not have the capability for intelligent buffering, and video clips will begin recording as soon as they are triggered. Depending on your subscription plan, you can connect up to 15 Netgear Arlo Wire-free Cameras.

I would suspect a similar limit for Blink since they use a similar architecture. @RBoy would probably have a better feel what is the gating factor limiting quantity.

There is no limit for the number of cameras for Blink for ST integration. Each sync module can support upto 10 cameras but you can have multiple sync modules per account. In essence no limit.


I think I observed a practical limit after adding twenty one. Motion failed to trigger lights, Alexa ignored me half the time and scheduled activities were not happening. I checked the logs and saw tons of Blink trace, debug and status messages. I whittled it down to four where it stabilized.

So this motivated me to migrate to v2 hub which is still a work in progress…

It could have been something else causing the issue or a configuration issue. And of course, it may be something easy to fix but no one expected 21 cameras. The 21 cameras are over three sites, so would more logically be assigned a hub per site anyway.

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Hi Blink fans. I have been using Blink cameras with ST for a few months with RBoy’s device handler/app. Great job btw with the handler and i am very happy with the cameras too. I also installed recently various motion sensors around the house for a) security (in away mode) b) automate lights and trigger events while I am at home. I ended up having some rooms where a Blink camera and a z-wave motion sensor sits next to each other now. Has anyone figured out if it is possible to use the Blink’s motion sensor only without the camera function in Smartthings? It would be nice to have only the Blink in a room and remove the other z-wave motion sensors.

For example i would like to use a Blink’s sensor to detect motion while i am at home and turn a z-wave light on. Without having Blink taking a picture and send alerts.

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Same here. This was my original intent but they don’t have that feature yet. @RBoy says to request Blink to add motion only feature. He has hinted that they may be inclined to add it just for SmartThings customers if enough of us ask for it.

As it stands now, the motion event is sent after the video is captured which introduces a delay. The only workaround is make the clip length 1 second. However, this still takes one second video and wastes battery if you just want motion.

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So here is a interesting way to use the camera. I initially tried using a open close sensor to get notified of mail in my mailbox. That didn’t help with ups guys dropping off stuff at my doorstep. So now I use a blink camera and point it so that the top end of the video frame captures the mailbox and bottom end my doorstep. Viola mail notifications


Just had to re-share my mailbox camera still going strong with 98% battery after five months!

Mailbox video


Does Blink use WIFI? If so I’m assuming it should work fine in the UK correct?

Works perfectly fine in the UK, got 5 myself.

All the cameras talk back to their own sync module (included in the kits). I believe its over the 2.4Ghz (wireless) frequency but not 100%


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