[DEPRECATED ] Automatic Connected Car- Integration with SmartThings

Yes, it’s cloud-to-cloud integration between ST and Automatic. If your wife has a 3G Automatic Pro, then she doesn’t need a phone.

However, be aware that you cannot do geofencing with the Automatic as ST doesn’t support integration with websockets.

So, the presence sensor will be set only when the IgnitionOff event will be sent from Automatic to ST. It should be few minutes after the car is turned off (in the garage).


??? There’s no way to do geofencing with Automatic? I had heard from others that you can do geofencing using IFFFT. So I could use IFFFT to send something based on geofencing then correct? The entire point of this is so that once my wife hits the geo-fence area the garage door opens. Ignition on/off does absolutely nothing for me.

I guess I don’t see how this can’t be done, seeing as how the device lets you see the location of your vehicle in real time.

As I wrote earlier, it’s not an issue on the Automatic side, but on the ST side. Automatic allows geofencing with websockets only and ST does not support websockets.

As you said, you can use IFTTT for geofencing, but not ST.

Ok, so can I use automatic to tell IFTTT that my wife has hit the geofence area, and then IFTTT sends smartthings something that triggers a core piston?

Or is there a way to have websockets send a web URL to smartthings to trigger a core piston?

Hi, websockets is a communication protocol. You may want to discuss with the Core Author about what it can receive from IFTTT.


Ok, thank you for the feedback and help.

@yvesracine …Since today morning, i am receiving numerous error messages on my feed related to MyAutomatic service manager.
“Too Many exceptions/errors or unauthorized exception,dorequest?exception java.lang”

I am getting a flood of these requests.
I did not change to any setting on automatic or ST. I even tried re-authenticating but issue persists.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @frazered,

My automatic device under my account works very well, so there must be something wrong in your ST account. I suggest to re-install the device from scratch (if you’ve tried to re-authenticate and it didn’t work).

If you need more assistance, please purchase one of my support packages at my store and I can investigate the root cause for you and fix it.


@yvesracine Thank you sir. I have now deleted and re-installed from scratch and so far no errors. Fingers crossed. Will report if the issue re-occurs.

I have two Automatic Pro 3G adapters

Unfortunately, the issue started again.Had not touched or changed anything on the ST system after the re-install.
Seems to refuse to stay logged in/authenticated to the Automatic portal.

Uninstalled the app for now since the error messages keep coming non stop.

Hi, you may want to contact Automatic support and see what’s wrong with your account.

No other contributors contacted me about some issues with My Automatic Device and the one I have at home works very well, just like usual.

I suspect now that your issues may be Automatic related. If you want me to investigate, please contribute to one of my support packages at my store.



Congratz by your work. I’ve contributed in your store :slight_smile: and managed to do the whole installation.

Now I am getting this error when trying to install your other 2 smartapp:

“No signature of method: script…”

Do you know what may be?



So I understand that you completed the installation and My Automatic device is working for your ST account.

Now, which other smartapps are you talking about? The ones at my github (AutomaticCarHA & AutomaticReport)?

First, make sure to create the smartapps at the right place under the IDE:

https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps (or the right shard for your ST account)

Also, if you have any other issues, please enable live logging, filter the logs for the smartapps and send me some logs at services@maisonsecomatiq.com.


@yvesracine I have just purchased My Automatic Device from your store. Is there a way to run a SmartThings routine if Automatic is turned off AND in a specific location? For example: run a routine when I arrive at work in the morning and turn off my car.

Hi @SoccerCore11,

You may have missed some of my posts above about geofencing.

My Automatic device does not support geofencing as it requires websockets which ST doesn’t support.



Thanks for the clarification, I did see that, but didn’t realize that is
what it meant.

Any fix for this? It just started happening to me after 2 weeks of zero issues. I’ve only had Automatic for 2 weeks so I’m not sure it’s a problem with the account.

As I said to @frazered, I don’t have any issues with My Automatic, so I cannot fix something that works well.

You can try to re-install your Automatic device from scratch.

Also, I don’t have your ST handle as an active contributor, so you may not have the latest version either.

If you have any issues after, please purchase one of my support packages, and I can then look into your ST account to investigate about your specific issues. Without looking at your configuration and your logs, it’s kind of difficult for me to help you.