[DEPRECATED ] Automatic Connected Car- Integration with SmartThings

Hi Katherine,

I just sent you a new version to your gmail address. First, save your public and private keys from Automatic, and you just need to copy and paste the code from MyAutomaticServiceMgr. The rest of the code has not changed.

The reason for the exception is that your nickname (in the Automatic Mobile App) is not populated. I made the change today to use the model name instead and it works.

The new version is now available at my store.


Fantastic, works now, thanks.

Hi Katherine,

To set up your home address in the ST device preferences for presence detection, refer to (item 11):




Today, I made some changes to MonitorAutomaticCar in order to send notifications to Ask Alexa.

This way, the summary of real-time events and the details of them (if detailedNotif is true) will be sent to Ask Alexa as a message. You can then query the message queue by asking Alexa to “play messages.”

The RT events are the following:


You can download the MonitorAutomaticCar smartapp at my store:


Hello, Thanks for developing this Integration and App.
I understand from this thread that there is some kind of presence detection available with this integration.

I have the new Automatic PRO

Will this work for the below Use Case?

Detect presence when approaching near Home/Garage Door. Note: The engine is NOT shut off at this point so the trip is not completed yet.

Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi @frazered, not yet as SmartThings does not support websockets which allow real time geofencing…

The presence will be turned on only when you trigger the “ignition off” event inside your garage.

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I think that some rebranding has been done following the launch of the Automatic Pro device.

The old model is now called the Automatic Lite.


P.S. My Automatic device will be able to support all the automatic devices currently on the market.


Any specific instructions to migrate form the V1 ‘Lite’ to the Pro model?

Hi, do you want to migrate My Automatic device from a Lite V1 to a Pro? If so, you’re talking about replacing your existing ST device with another one.

Like any ST devices, you should first unselect the device from any smartapps where it is used.

After doing this, you need to press “remove” in MyAutomaticServiceMgr. This will delete the device from the SmartThings graph.

You can then add the new PRO device using MyAutomaticServiceMgr. You need to follow the installation steps provided.


Today, I’m releasing a new version of My Automatic device with additional Monthly Stats tiles.

This is now possible with the new ST asynchronous http requests which allow to overcome the rate limiting on the platform.

The new version is available now at my store:

P.S. My active contributors will receive the code within a week when they reply to get the new update.


Really looking forward to the new version - the previous one was already great!

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Today, now that the HTMLTile is better supported by all iOS AND Android devices, I added a graph “DistanceVsCost” at the bottom of MyAutomatic Device. It will report your vehicle’s distance and cost for the past week.

Past Week’s Distance & Cost:

Last 24hrs’s Distance & Cost:

The button is used to toogle the window view (past week Vs. last 24 hrs).
The new version of My Automatic device is available now at my Store:



Absolutely love your apps! Thank you for all you do!

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New Automatic deal for Black Friday:



These are nice reports! I’m new to gravestreams. I’m not sure how to get reports for multiple streams. In any case, I’ll figure it out. This is exactly the kind of data I want. Wireless Sensor Tags gives you something like this. I want the thermostat runtimes in the mix. This looks like it will do what I want. Just need to learn to use grovestreams. . …

Hi @asmuts, refer to these groveStreams tutorials on how to create your streams:


Apart from that, you just need to use the groveStreams smartapp at my github (It’s already custom built for MyEcobee and MyAutomatic devices):


Thanks. I’ve been reading through their docs. I’ve had your groveStreams app running for a couple days now. I’m gradually getting some data uploaded. . . .

edit: The tutorial was helpful. Grovestreams is very powerful! It’s so nice to be able to do something useful with all this data.

Hi @asmuts, just be careful with the data stream size limits per month, it can become expensive depending on your plan…

I see. Hmm… I’ve nearly exceeded the free data limit in less than a week. I’ll have to limit the streams to what I care most about.

My 3G Automatic Pro arrives today and I’m looking at purchasing your device/app for use with my smartthings platform, but one thing I’m specifically hoping for is to use it as a presence sensor (so every time my wife arrives home it opens the garage door, disarms SHM, etc) without using her phone. She has a Windows Phone. So, that said, using the 3G Automatic it shouldn’t require a phone, do you support the 3G? I assume you connect directly to automatic via their servers so it shouldn’t matter if the data gets to their servers, phone or 3G? Just wanted some clarification before I pull the trigger.