[DEPRECATED ] Automatic Connected Car- Integration with SmartThings

Thanks. I just now went back to the site and running into the same problem. I turned off add blocker and reloaded the page and Paypal links are back.
I purchased the wrong one - Monitor Your Automatic Connected Car (and your kids’ driving) based on weather conditions(*) Don’t have any kids to monitor lol

I’ll go back and get My Automatic Device for SmartThings (includes the Service Manager)

Did find a small typo; Monitor Your Automic Connected Car (and your kids’
driving) based on weather conditions(*)

Ok, the typo has been corrected. thnx.

Would any of the data from your app be able to show on ActionTiles?

It shows the car as a presence sensor on there, but that might be as much as you can get there

EDIT: Looks like there is a switch capability that shows up, too.


I’ve never tried it myself, but my latest version at my store includes the Sensor capability (which is required for ActionTiles).

So, if you include the Sensor capability in the DTH, it may display more info (this is dependent on ActionTiles if it’s is able to read custom attributes). Just add the following in the Capabilities section:

	capability "Sensor"


I am on the latest version with the Sensor capability, but ActionTiles only reads as a presence sensor and a switch.

Unfortunately, that means if people want more data to show, they would pretty much need to send the data to Google Sheets and make a chart or graph.

It appears to be a limitation of ActionTiles, but hopefully they can work out some logic for allowing custom data in the future (I know I’ve seen that requested for a few different items so far).

Ok, this kills me. I would love to do this, but I have 2 cars, a '09 BMW X5 and a Nissan Leaf. Guess what vehicles are not supported. :angry:

Hi @diehllane,

You can also use groveStreams (but check out your data usage when using the free account).

I already created a HA script for it, see my previous post.

You can create different graphs. Here is an example (bottom of the page):


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Some news about the Automatic acquisition by SiriusXM:


Bonjour @yvesracine,

I just contributed last night and bought access to the resources. Looks pretty nice!
I want to do something simple (for now):
When the car starts, open the garage door. I am planning on using CoRE / WebCoRe.

How can I state when the car starts?
Also, what is the On / Off manual switch doing in the device in ST?

Thank you!


I haven’t implemented such automation at home as I observe a 2-5 minutes delay for the IgnitionOn event to be processed by both the Automatic & SmartThings backends.

I guess it could be possible, but you would need to be patient for the garage door to open (and you have to think about the fumes)… That’s why I don’t recommend this automation scenario.

  • The (quasi) real-time Automatic-SmartThings integration needs to be set up:


  • You’d need to subscribe to any events coming from the eventType attribute and look for the “ignition:on” event.

  • BTW, there is already a smartapp that can trigger a switch or a ST routine, it’s called AutomaticCarHA at my github:

About your other question, the On/Off switch allows you to toggle the presence sensor if it’s out of sync (due to bad communications between your Automatic device and ST).




This morning, I sent out a new version to all my active contributors to correct some UI issues following the ST mobile app v.2.4.0 release.

The new version is available at my store.


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I just released a new version of MyAutomaticService Manager to all my active contributors. The new version takes advantage of the new Message Queue mechanisms put in place in Ask Alexa.

  • My Automatic Service Manager can now send any integration’s exception events to your chosen Ask Alexa’s Message Queue(s) as verbal notifications.

The new version can be downloaded now at my store:



I get an error

No signature of method: script14978377652221465187975.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script14978377652221465187975$_run_closure2) values: [script14978377652221465187975$_run_closure2@21395b1d] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)


You’re trying to paste some DTH’s code into a smartapp.

DTH’s code needs to be pasted into



I did the device but it looks like both the smart app and the device handler are the same file.

I just double checked and everything is there in the zip file.

I sent you an email also for your troubleshooting.



MyAutomaticServiceMGR file and the MyAutomaticDevice have the same exact contents.

Well, if you don’t believe me, ask @diehllane, he was able to upgrade without any issue.

Bye, it’s time to go to bed on the East Coast.

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