[DEPRECATED ] Automatic Connected Car- Integration with SmartThings

AOk Yves, you now have 2 users reporting the same issue so it’s reckless to disregard the reports you are getting just because it works for you. I purchased on 1/21/17. I will try reinstalling tonight and report back. Thanks.


As I wrote in my earlier post:

Without looking at your configuration and your logs, it’s kind of difficult for me to help you as I don’t have the issues at all at home.


Yes, the issue kept occurring even after the fresh re-install so currently I have uninstalled the app.
Not sure if regular Automatic support would be able to assist since it is an issue with Automatic developer platform and/or Smartthings.

One thing I do notice is that Key ID has changed every time i re-install so maybe that is why it logs out of the account in ST. If somehow the connection between ST and Automatic can be maintained, this would not occur.

Will send the logs after the fresh install and when the error re-occurs if that helps.

Note: I am using the new Automatic Pro 3G adapter if that matters.


Hi Steve,

I sent out a new version (v2.4.3) this morning that should hopefully solve your issues. As I don’t have this issue at home, it’s really a shot in the dark (and I don’t have any logs).


Thanks for the update Yves! Installing now…

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I’m having some problem that I don’t understand. I installed the clientID and private Key (triple checked I got those right). App has OAuth enabled. And I posted in the redirect URL into automatic OAuth redirect URL.

But, when I get into the app, and go to the login page, I get ERROR: unauthorized_access

And I see this in my ST logs:

4f4220e6-df6c-48e6-b97a-9fe7d97c584e 4:04:09 PM: debug devices: [:]
4f4220e6-df6c-48e6-b97a-9fe7d97c584e 4:04:09 PM: error exception groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: UNAUTHORIZED while getting list of Automatic Devices
4f4220e6-df6c-48e6-b97a-9fe7d97c584e 4:04:09 PM: debug device list params: [uri:https://api.automatic.com/vehicle/, headers:[Authorization:Bearer null], Accept:application/json, charset:UTF-8]
4f4220e6-df6c-48e6-b97a-9fe7d97c584e 4:04:09 PM: debug _AUTH null
4f4220e6-df6c-48e6-b97a-9fe7d97c584e 4:04:09 PM: debug getting Automatic devices list
4f4220e6-df6c-48e6-b97a-9fe7d97c584e 4:04:09 PM: debug AutomaticDeviceList()

Definately looks like some oauth issue, any ideas? I posted an issue to git (wasn’t sure best way to get assistance).

Thanks for your help!


You have to carefully follow the installation steps at the github:

The public and private keys need to be inserted at the end of MyAutomaticServiceMgr.

Also, step 5 requires you to copy the redirect URL manually to the Automatic portal (as the redirect cannot be done automatically b/c Automatic does not support multiURL redirect).


Yep. That’s what I did. I see them fine in the code, all published.

I’d be happy to PM you my tokens (you’d have to give me your redirect URL) is that helps with debugging. I can always regen the tokens later.

Or I could send you images of what I see of my developer.automatic.com page and what’s in my code and what’s in my logs.

Hi Scott,

In order to help you, I’d need access to your ST account.

Please PM your ST and Automatic account usernames and passwords and I will quickly set you up.

This procedure has been working for a lot of Automatic Users out there.


Sure, let me change my passwords temporarily and I’ll PM them to you.


To all my active MyAutomatic Contributors, I sent out a new version today (v2.4.5) as the Automatic APIs have slightly changed (without any warnings from Automatic and no documentation about it!). When a large set of data is returned, Automatic now returns a new redirect URL to get the data.

My Code now correctly adjusts the monthly stats queries with the new redirect URLs.

The new version is available for download at my store.



P.S. The new monthly data will be only updated every day at midnight to avoid too much contention.

What do I need from your site? ‘My Automatic device for smartthings includes service manager’ that has a link to github

Or do I need Monitor your automatic car… Which has no link

Hi @tommyincville,

My Automatic device is the main device (DTH) to interface with the Automatic backend.

MonitorAutomaticCar is a smartapp that uses the DTH to notify users when bad driving events occur (ex. you want to monitor your kids’ driving).

For more details, refer to the ST community wiki:


Not finding a link to the device handler


You need to contribute to get the code at my store (hit the contribute button).



I understand that. I see a generic link for your paypal, But nothing for the device handler or the amount to pay.

OK, which browser do you use? It works well with Edge and google chrome at home…

Using Chrome. On your site it is showing ‘content can not be displayed’. where I’m guessing the link should be.

OK, Now the link is there. Went to the site a 4 -5 times with no luck. Thanks for the help.

Hi @tommyincville,

For the MonitorAutomaticCar to work, you’d need also the DTH (My Automatic Device).

See my post above: