[DEPRECATED ] Automatic Connected Car- Integration with SmartThings

Thats terrible, but I guess its time to upgrade. Will the device type work the same?

Yes, some of my contributors already use My DTH with the Automatic Pro and Automatic Lite…


Sorry, I gave you a wrong answer about the fuel level. After some back and forth with support, for any answers, you’d need to check first with Automatic as they have drastically changed their offers with the new generation of devices.

Actually, the fuel level is no longer provided in the new devices as well (Pro, Lite). For a detailed report of the differences between all the devices, refer to



Hi, I’ve just released a new version of MyAutomatic device (v2.6) and its service manager (v1.7) in order to implement some Automatic backend workarounds.

Since July 2017, Automatic no longer provides address info for people outside of the US.

However, by providing your own Google Location API key, my code can now retrieves the full address info from Google instead. There are some instructions on how to get the Google API key in the Service Manager.

This can be useful for people in Canada or Mexico (or elsewhere in the world) who use the Automatic devices.

The new code can be downloaded at my store:

P.S. All my active contributors who have followed the update procedure should have received the updated code by now.



Still using this smart app. Solid work.



Based on the work I’ve done with the Google APIs, I’ve sent out a new release of My Automatic device (v2.7) today for better presence detection.

If a Google location API key is provided, then the code will use it for some events (ignition:on, ignition:off, mil:on, mil:off, trip:finished) for better presence detection.

  • The address info can be then compared to your home address set for your device. Don’t forget to set the minimum info for your home address as indicated at the ST community wiki:


  • You’d need the follow the steps described at the end of the Service manager file to get a google API key.


Hey, I recently moved my plug to a new car, so I had to re-authenticate to get the new device. I also used it as an opportunity to update the app (the DH seemed current).

Anyway, I got authenticated OK, but I get a java null pointer exception where I should be getting the list of cars available to me.

Seen this before?

Yes, it’s new issue with Automatic that I just found out few days ago.

I submitted a support request to them and currently waiting for some answers.

FYI, it usually can take up to 2 weeks to get answers from them (as there seems to be only one engineer that responds to my support requests).

It’s an SSL handshake issue on their end (according to my investigation). So, they need to fix their SSL certificate or their SSL server.


When you say minimum information for presence detection at home, does that mean if I input my full address it’ll be more accurate? If so what are the cons to that?

Also is there any advantage for US customers to use the Google API for location?

Yes, as indicated above. Full address can be a problem as the returned address is sometimes different from one trip to another. That’s why I indicated the minimum address only :


@Scott_Chapman, @TheModernShane, @frazered, @Matthew_Freestone, @diehllane and others,

If you are still interested in getting this Automatic integration alive & kicking, I would encourage you to
post to the Automatic forum in order to get them to look into the SSL handshake issue when authenticating.

It’s been 5 days and no response from them. I guess their developer is on vacation or something worst…


Looks like they fixed it?

No, nobody contacted me so far. You’ll have to be patient as Automatic has a backlog of issues.

saw on their site they said they fixed it, I guess they meant that they mixed the issue with their email…

Any progress on this? I know you would have posted something if you knew it was all working.


No progress whatsoever as Automatic is not responding to my request. Please bump it at the Automatic forum (link in my previous post ).

I did, got back a response that it was fixed a while ago, but I am still seeing the error in the smartthings app. Haven’t had a chance to look at the logs though…

Do you still see the same problem or something different?

OK, I’ve managed to look at the logs, and what I am seeing is this:

58b95d01-ed07-4cc4-a104-7826088e0199  9:50:30 AM: error exception groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Unauthorized while getting list of Automatic Devices
58b95d01-ed07-4cc4-a104-7826088e0199  9:50:30 AM: debug device list params: [uri:https://api.automatic.com/vehicle/, headers:[Authorization:Bearer null], Accept:application/json, charset:UTF-8]
58b95d01-ed07-4cc4-a104-7826088e0199  9:50:30 AM: debug _______AUTH______ null
58b95d01-ed07-4cc4-a104-7826088e0199  9:50:30 AM: debug getting Automatic devices list
58b95d01-ed07-4cc4-a104-7826088e0199  9:50:30 AM: debug AutomaticDeviceList()
58b95d01-ed07-4cc4-a104-7826088e0199  9:50:29 AM: debug authPage()

This exception is due to the previous exception submitted to Automatic. There is a SSL handshaking issue that Automatic needs to fix first.

This is not related to my code. It’s related to some backend issue between ST and Automatic.

P. S. The person who said it’s fixed is not from Automatic, and doesn’t know the context.

Since you understand it better would you mind responding to the thread so that the automatic folks understand the specific issue we are looking for in the thread (it seems a little hijacked at the moment).