[Deprecated] Ask Alexa 2.2.1

I am not sure where you are seeing this. Even when the EcoBee items are turned on the device control still shows Setpoint/Status. If it is showing it somewhere on the interface that is definately a mistype, but I am not seeing it.

Can you send a screenshot or a description of where you are finding it? I looked in the cheat sheet as well and it appears labeled correctly there.

Let me know…

I’m not sure what the Valid commands: Open, Close mean in relation to Thermostats. Up / Down would make more sense or I’m I missing something

I looked and don’t see where you might be seeing this in the app…Can you clarify where you are seeing this?

The cheat sheet that is generated by the app

Ask Alexa Device/Command 'Cheat Sheet’
To expand on this sheet, please see the Things That Are Smart Wiki
Most commands will begin with ‘Alexa, ask Home’ or ‘Alexa, tell Home’and then the command and device. For example:
Alexa, tell Home to Open {DoorName}’
‘Alexa, ask Home the {SwitchName} status’

Switches (Valid Commands: On, Off, Toggle, Status)
Lighting Scene 1
Lighting Scene 2
Lighting Scene 3
Lighting Scene Off

Dimmers (Valid Commands: On, Off, Toggle, Status Level {number}, low, medium, high, up, down, increase, decrease)
Rear Hall Lights
Foyer Lights
Addition Hall Lights

Colored Lights (Valid Commands: On, Off, Toggle, Level {number}, color {color name} low, medium, high, up, down, increase, decrease)
Xmas Color Bulb

Available Colors{color name]
Soft White, Warm White, Daylight White, Cool White, White, Alice Blue, Antique White, Aqua, Aquamarine, Azure, Beige, Bisque, Blanched Almond, Blue, Blue Violet, Brown, Burly Wood, Cadet Blue, Chartreuse, Chocolate, Coral, Corn Flower Blue, Corn Silk, Crimson, Cyan, Dark Blue, Dark Cyan, Dark Golden Rod, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Dark Khaki, Dark Magenta, Dark Olive Green, Dark Orange, Dark Orchid, Dark Red, Dark Salmon, Dark Sea Green, Dark Slate Blue, Dark Slate Gray, Dark Turquoise, Dark Violet, Deep Pink, Deep Sky Blue, Dim Gray, Dodger Blue, Fire Brick, Floral White, Forest Green, Fuchsia, Gainsboro, Ghost White, Gold, Golden Rod, Gray, Green, Green Yellow, Honeydew, Hot Pink, Indian Red, Indigo, Ivory, Khaki, Lavender, Lavender Blush, Lawn Green, Lemon Chiffon, Light Blue, Light Coral, Light Cyan, Light Golden Rod Yellow, Light Gray, Light Green, Light Pink, Light Salmon, Light Sea Green, Light Sky Blue, Light Slate Gray, Light Steel Blue, Light Yellow, Lime, Lime Green, Linen, Maroon, Medium Aquamarine, Medium Blue, Medium Orchid, Medium Purple, Medium Sea Green, Medium Slate Blue, Medium Spring Green, Medium Turquoise, Medium Violet Red, Midnight Blue, Mint Cream, Misty Rose, Moccasin, Navajo White, Navy, Old Lace, Olive, Olive Drab, Orange, Orange Red, Orchid, Pale Golden Rod, Pale Green, Pale Turquoise, Pale Violet Red, Papaya Whip, Peach Puff, Peru, Pink, Plum, Powder Blue, Purple, Red, Rosy Brown, Royal Blue, Saddle Brown, Salmon, Sandy Brown, Sea Green, Sea Shell, Sienna, Silver, Sky Blue, Slate Blue, Slate Gray, Snow, Spring Green, Steel Blue, Tan, Teal, Thistle, Tomato, Turquoise, Violet, Wheat, White Smoke, Yellow and Yellow Green

Locks (Valid Commands: Lock, Unlock, Status)
Deck Door Lock
Front Door Lock
Garage Front Lock
Garage Rear Lock
Garage Top Lock
Shop Door Lock

Thermostats (Valid Commands: Open, Close, Status, Home, Away, Sleep, Resume Program)
Eco Addition
Eco Laundry
Eco Living
Eco Master
Eco Upstairs

Speakers (Valid Commands: Play, Mute, Next Track, Previous Track, volume {level}, increase, decrease, up, down, raise, lower)

Ask Alexa Macros (Valid Command: Run {Macro})
Security Lights

You are indeed correct…I found the error and corrected it for the next version. The Open/Close pieces are NOT valid.

To answer you question above about increasing and decreasing the temperature, the syntax will be something similar to this: “Alexa, Tell SmartThings to increase the {thermostat}”

Thanks for pointing this out…I looked at this today and quite honestly didn’t see it.

No problem, but if I gave my wife a cheat sheet with typo’s, that could send me back months of good will. :wink:

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Understood…in fact the cheat sheet was requested just for WAF (Wife acceptance factor)…

Hey Michael! When I say invalid colors, I mean it comes back as unrecognizable colors using the AWS Lambda Service Simulator.

Snow comes back as valid, but the actual color is red instead of white. Some of the other colors may also not be the correct hue, but nothing really obviously wrong like “Snow.”

While the plethora of color seems like a good thing, a lot of the colors are just exactly the same. No fault of yours of course since these are Smartthings’ doing. Problem is the cheat sheet is unbearably large because of it.

I do think the ability to “adjust” the color of say “warm white” is more important than having the overly large number of colors. For me, I’d prefer to be able to customize the dozen or so most used colors than to have 150 of them–most of which will never be used. Just food for thought.

Yeah…I blindly thought that including the API calls for the color would produce the right color…Well, that isn’t so much the case. And yes…150 colors is a bit much but I got so many requests for additional colors I felt more is better than less…If I can’t resolve the actual color issue with SmartThings I may migrate back to coding a lower number of colors and increasing the amount of custom colors people can have.

I am having inconsistent result with asking Alexa the status of things. If I ask the status of a certain lamp I will get it. However there are some lamps that I receive “I had some problems finding the device yous specified” I have gone into the Ask Alexa app on the iOS device and entered in all the lights and locks etc. But I am puzzled why there are inconsistent results? Any ideas would be appreciated

If you have device names that are similar to other names in your setup that could cause it. That error is always caused by Alexa misunderstanding your commands. To troubleshoot this watch the live logging to see what Alexa actually heard…You will be surprised how it sometimes hears you.

Let me know what you find out.

Ok, so I have 1 item in Ask Alexa configured with the word Garage in it. It is my Garage Lock. I said, Alexa tell Smarthings status of Garage Lock…and I had some problems finding etc…I turned on live logging and saw this…fb2dddf8-7389-4ca3-83df-39a3cfb6881c 2:09:14 PM: debug I had some problems finding the device you specified.
2:09:14 PM: debug Param: undefined
2:09:14 PM: debug Num: undefined
2:09:14 PM: debug Op: lock
2:09:14 PM: debug Dev: garage

Not sure if I configured something wrong or what, but I cannot seem to get this all to work.

Ok…the issue you are having is the word ‘lock’ is reserved. As In “lock the door”. If the actual device name is “Garage Lock” then it is looking for the device called “garage” and how to lock it. You have two possible resolutions here. First, you could simply rename the device (to garage) and that would tell you the status of the device. Or, you can create an alias for Garage Lock (maybe called just garage).

Either way, which ever you do you will need to put that ‘noun’ into the List of Devices developer slot to get this to work.

Worked like a charm…thanks! What is the magic statement that will get a report to be told? Alexa keeps telling me I have reports

Do you mean messages? As in Message Queue? That would be “Alexa, tell smartthings to play messages”…let me know if that works.

Under Voice Macros…I created a report for my door statuses. When I ask alexa…tell smartthings run voice report it doesn’t do anything. Sorry for all the noob questions here. Just trying to get the fullest out of this awesome app

@MichaelS I’ve gone through and edited my device names, aliases and macros to remove punctuations, and copied the new slot information over to the skill configurations, but I’m still having trouble with Ask Alexa not navigating my requests properly.

The problem is macros named “Lukes Bedroom Lights” and “Lukes Bedroom Fan.”

I receive the error, "I could not find a macro named ‘Luke’s bedroom…’.

I believe the issue is Alexa is interpreting “Lukes Bedroom…” as “Luke’s bedroom,” passes “Luke’s bedroom…” to Ask Alexa, but then Ask Alexa can not find a macro named “Luke’s bedroom…” (note the apostrophe).

Does that make sense at all?

I’d be happy to hop onto Slack if you think that would be easier. I’m also happy to share my slot information if you think that would help.

First, did you add the ‘voice report’ (I assume this is the name) to the developer slots? You must define the nouns (devices/macros) and verbs (on/off, etc) in the slots. To make it easy, the Settings>>Setup Variables guides you through this process so all you have to do is copy/paste the information. Unfortunately, there is NO automated way to do this that I have found, so any new macro, device or change in major settings will need to have the slots populated with the latest information. That may sound tedious, and it is at first…but once you set up your system you no longer have to do much care and feeding. I literally change mine once in a blue moon when I add a new device.

If you have done this and it still doesn’t work, have you watched the live logging to find out exactly WHAT Alexa is hearing? That can be very enlightening.

Let me know if that helps.

As I mentioned in the posting above, Live Logging will be your friend in this area…Watch it as you issue commands and I bet you will find that it is not hearing your correctly. However, you already pointed out a strange idiosyncrasy of Alexa…It sometimes puts the punctuation in on its own. And I found out as well working on the latest version that it capitalizes things on its own as well. The latest version filters out the response punctuation and capitalization, so your choices are to wait for 2.2.2, or I can give you the line numbers to add the filters in the code. Or, you could rename the macro, but that doesn’t really fix the underlying issue.

Let me know what you prefer and I can work with you directly on it.