[Deprecated] Ask Alexa 2.1.9

I assume you saw my note in the other post…It works well for me which, if you set up everything with a US account and settings, tells me something else is the matter with your config. Remember, there are two locations where you will need to be setting the function to the US…the developer site and the Lambda site. Again, I am not sure that is the issue, but using me as a test (here in the US) and everything is working, that may be the issue.

Let me know your results.

Hi. I seem to have some sort of cache corruption with Ask Alexa. I updated some Modes in ST and deleted some but they still show up in LIST_OF_SHPARAM on the setup page. In fact I have deselected all Modes/SHM/Routines and they are still showing up. Verified in my ST IDE they are not there as well.

Any ideas?

There is no ‘cache’ in Ask Alexa…it pulls the information directly from your account. Can you send a screenshot of exactly what you are looking at? It sounds like you are renaming modes and the text doesn’t show up properly in Ask Alexa…My bet is that it doesn’t show up in other apps that query the modes either, which indicates more an issue with your SmartThings mobile app, which DOES cache certain things.

Sorry new user so I can only post one image per post.

But here you can see old Modes are satill showing up in LIST_OF_SHPARAM

These are not the modes in my ST app (or the ST IDE) and I have no modes or routines selected in the Ask Alex Modes/SHM/Routines section.

Please run the setup via a desktop browser…to get to this, run the Setup Variables and watch the IDE live logging, it will give you the address to copy/paste into a browser. You should NEVER gather the information from the ST mobile browser…again, that probably does cache the web page…you can control this better from a desktop browser.

It’s the same. I do load it that via a web browser when using it. I only did it via my phone to make the screen cap easier. But both have the same info.

Please send a screen shot of the Ask Alexa screen that shows the list of modes…if that shows incorrect you will need to go into another app (preferably one created by SmartThings) and prove to them that it does it in one of those apps…they will not support community developed apps but will support their own.

However, thinking of this I want to make sure you are clearing the selection as that is the only way any app keeps an old name. Basically, if you go into SmartThings, change a name of a mode, the modes WILL NOT change unless you go into the app and re-select the valid mode…ALL apps do this typically as it doesn’t requery the list unless you are making a change. Trust me…it is on the SmartThings side but will correct itself if you go in and open the list of available modes within Ask Alexa.

Here is the Modes in the ST -> More -> “Gear” screen:

Here is the modes you can select in the Ask Alexa Modes/SHM/Routines selection screen

Here is the output of the Setup URL pulled from the ST IDE Live Log. I know it’s not a cached version as other changes I made to device names are being reflected on page reload. The first 4 items listed there are the old modes that were in ST.

So basically you removed all but those 4 but they are still showing up…hmmm…may have to eat my words as it does appear in my apps…stand by…going diving in the code.

Ok, let me know if you need anything from my end. It’s not a big deal functionally as Ask Alexa works great, it doesn’t matter that there are extra entries for the LIST_OF_SHCMD Custom Slot Type in the Amazon Skill. But seemed like a bug I figured should be reported.

Ah…I see what the issue is…if I were to guess, you deleted the modes before you cleared them from the list within Ask Alexa, correct? SmartThings doesn’t allow for programmers to clear input variables, so SmartThings is technically the culprit here (I know…I am shifting blame :))

Anyway, there should be a couple different things that will solve this.

  1. Go into Ask Alexa, clear all of the modes from the list. Verify that everything disappears from the list in the setup variables, then add back in the items you want to control
  2. Re-add the names of the modes back in exactly, go into the app, unselect the offending modes, then re-delete them.

One of those should work. If not, removing the whole Ask Alexa app and re installing it will clear everything associated with my app.

Again, you were correct about it being cached, but it is a limitation of SmartThings and how much control I have over variables.

Let me know your results.


That was the problem. I tried your #2 and it worked once I de-selected them again in Ask Alexa. Thanks for the help and sorry I was unaware of that little wrinkle in how ST works with 3rd party Apps.

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Hi MichaelS, I just got my first RGB bulb setup and configured with Ask Alexa. I’ve noticed in the app if I slide the slider I get different whites, for example ‘moon light’ and my favorite, ‘daylight’. I don’t see those as color options in the Ask Alexa parameters. Is it possible to get those added in, or are they already in there and just named something else such as white?

Thanks! Ask Alexa is still by far my favorite community app, use it like crazy!

That slider bar is the variation in the KELVIN scale not the color spectrum so warm (2K) to cool (6K).
If this is an Osram bulb you should have a small color wheel in the top box of the device - you choose COLOR here.

Within ASK ALEXA there are 3 color choice that Michael has included that may fit your bill for a “white” type light. Those are: vanilla, white. amber.

Perhaps you can try those 3 and see if they fit your bill for a “shades of white”

Thanks to @femwitjava for answering this. There is an option to add your own color, and I am contemplating adding a few more slots as people really like setting up their own colors.

Thanks guys. I’ll give into the documentation to see how to add my own color and I’ll post back here with the settings for ‘day light’ and ‘moon light’ in case others are interested.

I would be open to adding more colors, but the caution here is that you would have to memorize all of the colors available to use them…

Agreed, but I think it’s less about memorization per se and more about just picking a color and ‘holy crap that worked.’ I noticed there is a lot of crazy named colors in there already :slight_smile:

Hmmm…good point…I think a compromise for this is to add more custom slots so the user can add what they want (which is easier to remember than, say, carnation, or vanilla). :slight_smile:

Please note, I have updated the code to 2.2.0. Please use this codebase for all installations:

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