[Deprecated] Ask Alexa 2.0.8

Hmmm. Interesting idea…kind of goes in line with some of the other changes I am making to ensure security and ease of use. I will see what I can do.

In the short term you could just remove the routine from the developer slot list. That is basically what I would do within the app to keep it from running.

Doh. My bad, didn’t notice they are listed under the SHPARAMs. That should do what I want.

That is fine…you actually had a good idea and already added it to my roadmap…however, in the short term that will be the programic fix.

No need to shout. And you can even close the windows and still say: tell SmartThings I’m Home (even without preceeding with the word Alexa) IF you are using Android and install Alexa Listens. I run things through Alexa from my car all the time.

Okay, so ran through the entire wiki and set everything up with no problems. However, I am getting doubles on my LIST_OF_SHPARAM custom slot. Two disables and two vacations. I think it has to do with the fact I have modes called disable and vacation and routines labeled disable and vacation. Modes and routines appear in the same list?

That is super annoying. Did you look at other slots to see if you have disable repeating. Do you have routines named disable?

Yes, they do…

I just figured it out and edited my reply above. I had doubles in the SHPARM slot. Not sure why.

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Hmmm…interesting…I may need to filter that situation out as you certainly can’t have a repeat within the slots. Good catch!

Edit: Actually, looking at the code, I don’t want to code around this…each of the items will need to be unique within this slot…so if you have duplicates I want that to be visible…I will document this, however, within the wiki.

Thanks Mike, just tried it for the first time. “Alexa, ask smartthings about the pool light”. I got a Lambda Error :confused:. Now I got to figure out what I did wrong…lol.

I assume this has nothing to do with the duplicate routines/modes? I found that I WANT that error to come up as those have to be unique within the SmartThings environment.

If this has nothing to do with it, what is ‘pool’ light? Is it a switch? And what “Lambda” error are you getting? Did you copy your OAuth and Token to the Lambda code? Did you ensure you have the ARN number of your Lambda code within the developer site?

Let me know…you are close!

Ha figured it out, I was missing a ; at the end of one of the lines in the code. Works great now :). So no, nothing to do with the routines/modes. I just deleted one of the disables and one of the vacations just to get everything saved and working. I’m have to rename my routines. One to Disable Automation, and I’m on Vacation or something similar.

Great! I just coded up a warning in the setup page that will find duplicates, list them, and then give you a clean list.

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Was just introduced to this and so far I am enjoying it. However, I do have a bug to report. When I ask to open my 1 car garage door this is what happens:

e1f80382-03f7-47a7-8320-7cd3dc0ee3cd 1:46:40 PM: debug I had some problems finding the device you specified. %1%
e1f80382-03f7-47a7-8320-7cd3dc0ee3cd 1:46:40 PM: debug Param: undefined
e1f80382-03f7-47a7-8320-7cd3dc0ee3cd 1:46:40 PM: debug Num: undefined
e1f80382-03f7-47a7-8320-7cd3dc0ee3cd 1:46:40 PM: debug Op: open
e1f80382-03f7-47a7-8320-7cd3dc0ee3cd 1:46:40 PM: debug Dev: garage 1
e1f80382-03f7-47a7-8320-7cd3dc0ee3cd 1:46:40 PM: debug -Device command received-
e1f80382-03f7-47a7-8320-7cd3dc0ee3cd 1:46:40 PM: debug --Begin commands received–

The AskAlexa installation went smoothly (what an ingenious way of leveraging the AWS cloud to integrate with ST!) and the garage door “Garage 1” was properly listed as a device parameter and selected in the AskAlexa app under open/close door. I have Lowe’s Iris garage door openers which are the same as the Linear GD00Z and am using the latest version of the custom device handler “Z-Wave Garage Door Opener” with absolutely no issues within the ST app.

After some debugging, the problem ended up being Alexa transcribing my command as “Garage 1” when my garage door was listed as "Garage ONE By simply changing the object name to “Garage 1” everything started working.

Great SmartApp though, wonderful job!

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Ok. I will document that as that is definitely a first.

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give us some time :grinning:

Btw, I can’t get Ask Alexa to report the contact sensor status but no problem with other devices. Kinda strange.

My door sensor called “main door”, but Alexa refuse tell me if my door open or close :joy:

Some non-standard devices (off brands) have this issue…what brand is it? Can you send a screen shot of the device itself within the IDE and the interface in your mobile app. Also, if it is a customer device handler I will need to see that code as well.

One of them is ST Multipurpose sensor and the other is Iris Door Sensor. I’m using default handler.

interface in your mobile app
Let me know what’s exactly needed in mobile app?

Screenshot of the device in IDE

So the Main Door is the one that doesn’t work and the gate does? Or vise versa? Click the device that is NOT working and show that information, please.

both devices not working.

Screenshots of both:

I have added the ability to select with Modes, Routines, or SHM settings are available to the app instead of just all of them being available. This will be in the next release. Great suggestion!