[Deprecated as of Apr 8, 2018] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays (Version1)

Here’s an easier breakdown:

  1. Honeywell Vista 20P - the alarm system
  2. Smartthings - SHM integrated within
  3. Envisilink - this is simply the intermediary passing on information from the Vista 20P to Smartthings…

This would be similar to other setups that people have between Smartthings and their alarm system (e.g., DSC, etc.)

The act of bypassing allows any/all sensors to be bypassed, meaning regardless if they are open or closed, they are disregarded by the alarm system.

I think the more I describe, unless you have this specific set-up, things will become more convoluted.

I’m going to chalk this up as just the way it is for now :slight_smile:

You are correct, without having this specific setup, it is difficult to understand what is going on. Should you figure it out. please post your solution.

Thanks for trying…

You likely know about this Envisalink forum, but just in case

Yes, thanks.

Thank you for this! My kids disarm the house by entering their keycode into one of the door locks, but if the door is opened right after the lock is unlocked it invariably creates an intrusion alarm. This solves that problem perfectly. Finally no more dismissing false alarms and I can now look at adding proper sirens and lights into my house without fear of them constantly going off erroneously.


Minor Update to Module SHM Delay Child

Nov 16, 2017 added support for sending messages using the Smartthings Contact List, and append the IDE Locaton name on all messages.

Due to a ST bug that always logs to notifications when sending messages with the Contact List, it is suggested setting the Profile “Log to Notifications” to off/false

Click here for instuctions to enable the Contact List.


Thanks for releasing the SmartApp :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:
The lack of a entry delay has been a bug bear of mine since i got started with ST 18months+ ago.
Installed and tested and working a treat for my setup so far. No more false intruder alerts when i open the door and the hub hasn’t picked up my presence tag yet.

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Never considered using the App for mitigating ST presence issues, but I’m pleased to know it’s working for you. My phone presence issues were severe, so I stopped using presence for anything and went with a Centralite Keypad.
Arn B

Yeah I don’t know if the the construction of the house, or position of the hub, but every time I entered the house after the house was set armed(away) I would get an intrusion notification. I have a contact sensor on the door and a motion sensor in the hall. This mitigates the slight time lag for the hub picking up my tag.

So far so good anyway.

Presence operates in the cloud, so even if it’s working perfectly, there is a delay before the system is disarmed. Based on my personal experiences using presence, I know the stress of having the system create an intruder alert when it is least expected as you walk through the door. My alert includes a 105DB siren. :scream:

Hence my reason to hold off buying a siren until this issue was worked out. :raised_hands:t2:


I’d like some clarification of the Caveat paragraph. It says… "During an outage if you are using SmartHome and your system is armed, locally supported devices monitored by SmartHome should trigger an alarm, and locally supported sirens should sound, you just won’t be able to turn off the siren. Also, you will probably not receive SmarthHome’s intrusion messages, and you can forget about arming or disarming your system with your phone app.

Are you saying that If the system is armed and Smartthings goes offline, an intrusion is trigger automatically
that can’t be turned off? Or Are you saying if Smartings is offline when I reenter my home,I can’t disarm the system and the siren will be active and unable to be turned off? If the system is offline when I return how would it trigger the siren in the first place? Just confused by this. please explain. Thanks

The best way for me to explain this is for you to take a look at where your applications are running.

Login to the IDE–>click “My Locations”–>Click on the name of your location–>scroll down then click “List Smartapps”

Apps showing as “Cloud” do not function when there is an internet outage or the Cloud (your execution Shard) fails.

Now on the top menu click “My Devices”. Devices showing “Cloud” in column Execution Location do not function when there is an internet outage or the Cloud (your execution Shard) fails.

Also the ST Phone App communicates with the cloud which then communicates with the Hub, so during an outage it may not be possible to arm/disarm your system. That is the reality of using a non-ADT Smartthings system. In my case I had no security system so I’m OK having a system that works 99.something percent of the time, without a large financial outlay, and no monthly monitoring charges.

One method of mitigating the internet outage issue is using a Router with CellPhone backup that has battery backup or is plugged into a UPS.

For more information search this site for “Local vs Cloud” and check out this thread

@JDRoberts if I’ve missed something or you have additional information, please feel free to respond.


No to statement #1, yes to statement #2.

As Arn mentioned, some components of ST can run even when the ST cloud is down.

This includes the SHM security rules you previously created, and may also include some of your devices like a siren or contact/motion sensors. Unfortunately, the ability to toggle SHM between armed and disarmed requires an active internet connection and functioning ST cloud.

So it’s possible that if smart home monitor is armed at the time the cloud goes down, you will be unable to disarm it, and if a monitored contact or motion sensor is tripped, your siren (or lights etc) will go off.

This situation occurred in the spring of 2016, for about a week or two, if I’m remembering right.


Hmmm, I get it. That makes sense. My internet does go down a couple of times a month . Maybe for a min or two. I was going to convert my wired ADT system to Konnected. If I use a monitoring service such as Scout, that could be a problem.

I heard that Smarttings was going to move some of the functionality out of the Cloud and to the HUB so that issues like this would go away. Anyone hear more about that?

They definitely intend to do it… But they’ve been intending this since Hub V2 was released in September 2015. So don’t hold breath! :fearful:


I was afraid of that :frowning:

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I’m having an issue for about a week or two, where SHM Delay triggers an intrusion every night between 11-12pm, while in home/stay.

When I look at the alert, it will say that it triggered at 11:56pm (for example), but where I look at the door history, it never opened. When I look at the simulated contact sensor history it has a lot of activity from SHM delay?

Can you help me debug? I have to disable all alarm responses because the wife will kill me if this makes her up every night!

That is strange and must be very annoying.

When SHM Delay triggers an alarm it issues an intrusion (optional by contacts, nofitiication and SMS) alert message with the name of the source sensor. Was this issued, received, and was it “Garage Interior”?

I can think of a few scenarios that may be the cause:

  1. Some software (Webcore/Smartapp) “Opens” the Z_simulated_contact_garage. Is it used by any other app? Look in the phone app My Home–>click on device–>Smartapps. Also, tapping (Opening) that device’s “Closed” button while SHM is armed should trigger an alarm whenever it is monitored by SHM.

  2. The source sensor “Garage Interior” is has a hardware issue, communication issue, or low battery

  3. Smarthings App settings are not in sync with your phone app settings. Sounds odd, but I’ve had this occur a few times. Try resaving all Smarthome Monitor settings and then the main Save button, do the same with SHM Delay and it’s profiles

  4. The Source sensor, Garage Interior is simultaneously monitored the SHM Delay and SHM. In this case remove from SHM

Should you find the cause please post it here, and if there is anything else I can do I’m ready to help.