[Deprecated as of Apr 8, 2018] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays (Version1)

In all situations it checks the user established Alarm State when a door (contact sensor) opens in order to determine what to do.

As stated in the documentation
Smart Door Locks and outdoor Keypads
This app should not be needed

I have everything working on this except the entry tones. If set the IDE driver to mitchpond the keypad works but without the tones. If I set it to the ethayer setting then it wont take the codes.

I’m using an Xfinity keypad with the DTH from Github miriad/Centralite-Keypad/master (Mitch Pond) and everything works including entry, exit and invalid pin tones using ethayer lock manager and my SHM Delay app.

Be sure to test for the entry tones using the Away alarm state.

I need some additional information. What is the “ethayer setting” ?

If go to the keypad settings under device and change the “type” to centralite keypad (mitchpond) then the keypad works flawlessly except the tones. If I set the "“type” to Zwave Lock Reporting (ethayer) then it wont take the 4 digit code. I hope this makes sense. I have also tried pressing and holding 8 and that doesnt seem to do anything.

On my device when I hold the 8 key for 5 seconds it beeps Supposed to be a tones on off on Xfinity system not sure what it does on ST
Have you tried pressing and holding the 2 key to raise the volume? (5 lowers it) My device does not get very loud.

In your phone app My Home–>keypad: Are tones produced when tapping the speaker icon. If not click the settings icon on top right and set “Enter Length of beep in seconds” I have mine set to 10

If I hold down the 5 I do hear it get quieter. So the beeps are working. If I go to My Home->keypad: I dont see a speaker. If I click on settings icon I only see my device name.

Since this discussion is on SHM, I thought I would check to see if anyone had similar issues. Most of the time, it really isn’t an issue, but I figured I’d ask, anyways. When I bypass some sensors and then return, even if the alarm is disarmed, it goes into SHM alarm mode. Not sure how to stop this, but figured I’d see if anyone else is having this situation.

I’m using a vista20P alarm system (Honeywell) with an Envisalink communicator, along with Redloro’s Smart app/integration…I never use the SHM itself to arm/disarm, I do this directly through Envisalink’s app…but, SHM immediately shows the arm/disarm status when I do this, so that isn’t the issue.

I’m I don’t bypass any sensors and arm away/stay there is never an issue…

This is an image of the keypad device in my Phone App.
settings is gear on upper right corner. speaker on bottom middle.

Capture _2017-10-20-16-58-44

mine looks like this 18 PM

which Device Handler are you using?


Just double checked it and it matches

By any chance is the phone presence being used to arm/disarm in ST?

That was my problem. I updated it with your info and now works like a charm. Thank you so much for your help and patience with a moron.

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I won’t accept you calling your self a moron because you understood what to do, and eventually fixed it. We are our own worst enemy when we use negative self talk. I liked the other portion of your post


No, it is disarmed with separate app…but SHM sees these instantly…so it believe it has something to do with SHM…

Need some additional information.

How is this system armed/disarmed, which app is used for this function, and which side is doing the monitoring: SHM or the Honeywell/Envisalink?

System armed/disarmed via envisalink app. Monitoring being done by Honeywell/envisalink…

Where and how is SHM used in this setup, and which SHM sensor(s) trigger the intrusion alert? Are these simulated sensors controlled by the Envisalink?

SHM sees the status of the alarm, as set by Envisalink. SHEM is also used to trigger devices to turn on when an intrusion is detected (which works just fine when it senses an intrusion.) Any sensor that is bypassed causes an intrusion alert, once the the first and subsequent sensors are tripped, even though the alarm is disarmed. Once I manually switch SHM to disarm (after it goes into intrusion status) it stops triggering further intrusions. Nothing is simulated.

This never occurs if none of the sensors are bypassed.

I’m not getting this.
So each Envisalink real device has a simulated ST/SHM virtual/simulated device?. Envisalink is armed and monitoring, so how does SHM get armed?
Please describe “bypassed”.

Is there a smartapp running that does this and if so can you send me the code?