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[Deprecated as of Apr 8, 2018] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays (Version1)

(Jay Young) #305

Is it possible for me to pay someone to set up these entry & exit delays for me? Please please someone I will pay good money. What does it cost?

(Mark) #306

Respectfully, it’s really not that hard, you just need to follow @arnb’s (very detailed) instructions, and you can ask follow up questions as needed.

The newest version of the smartapp is being discussed in this thread (as the title of this thread explicitly states, this version 1 is now deprecated):

If following these instructions is truly beyond your capabilities, then I don’t think that having someone else set it up for you will result in a satisfactory experience.

For one thing, you’d need to share your SmartThings login info so that they can login to both the mobile app and the IDE with a desktop web browser to install the code.

But then what? Do you reset your password so that they no longer have access to your ST account after this is setup? When the next version of the smartapp is released, will you update it on your own? Pay someone again to update it for you?

What about getting it all setup in the first place? Are you going to call or Skype with the person to check whether the various functions of the smartapp are working as intended (e.g. you open a door to check whether entry delay is working and report back to the other person if it’s not, then try again after they tweak something)?

A month from now, if you need to troubleshoot, is that included in your initial payment or will you need to work out another payment? What about if something stops working correctly again two months from now?

IMHO, if you are patient, follow directions, and ask questions in the thread dedicated to the most recent version of this smartapp, then you don’t need any computer skills beyond the ability to point and click a mouse.

If, on the other hand, there is some physical and/or sensory limitation that makes setting up and maintaining your ST system particularly difficult, then that’s somewhat of a unique situation and paying for assistance might be the only option. Just realize that if you pay someone just to install something, without accounting for ongoing maintenance, your experience may become dissatisfactory pretty quickly.

(Ian) #307

When I use the iris keypad for Panic button, it triggers an intrusion alert. I see a message popup but my simulated siren does not alarm. Is that normal? Thank you.


Depends on your DTH. Mine is a normal button.

(Arn B) #309

Intrusion alert devices including sirens are controlled by Smart Home Monitor, not SHM Delay. Suggest looking at your SHM settings or contacting ST support.

SHM Delay Version 1 is deprecated and no longer supported. If you are using SHM Delay V2 please post in that thread.

(Jgriggs1619) #310

I’ve have my iris keypad integrated with my smartthings through the SMH Delay Version 2 and Lock Manger for about 5 months now with no issues. A few weeks ago the keypad started acting funny and the app said that the battery was a 0% and a black dot was showing on the keypad icon in the app. A couple of days later I noticed that the keypad no longer chimed when I opened the door nor does it chime when I enter the door to turn off the alarm. I keypad still chimes when I press the buttons so I know the device is not broken. When researching this I found the thread which fixed the 0% battery life but the door chime still does not work. Any help?

(Arn B) #311

The 0% was a silent change to the Groovy code, and most everyone got caught with the 0%.
Shortly after that fix the suggested DTH was updated again to fix an issue with the “door chime” when disarmed option, when multiple keypads are defined.

Please verify the keypad’s network icon is lit when placing your hand over the proximity sensor. If not remove both batteries, then reinstall. Should immediately light network light. If the network light is on, try holding down the two key to increase the volume, 5 lowers it.

You can also attempt to chime the keypad using the My Home device chime tile, set chime time to something > 0 with no decimal point. 10 is a good choice.

Please followup in the Version 2 thread.

(Jgriggs1619) #312

When I got home yesterday everything was back working like normal. All the chimes worked. I guess it just needed time to reset. Thanks for your help!