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[Deprecated as of Apr 8, 2018] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays (Version1)

Please try following test in ST phone app “My Home”, quickly
Tap siren on
Tap siren off
Tap siren on
Tap siren off

Some devices have a built in cycle time. For example I have two motion sensors by two manufacturers. One reports motion every 5 seconds or so, the othe reports every 5 minutes.Both work equally well for real world security applications, but one not so well for occupancy, but its battery will in theory last longer since it is not constantly reporting.

Your siren may have a built in cycle time.

Hi arnb,

I tapped it on off more than 8 times quickly and it went off every time.

Well that’s not what I expected :cry:

Sorry I’m out of ideas, other than talking with Smarthings and Arlo support.

You were correct, I was wrong kian,please accept my apology
It is NOT your siren hardware, nor is it SHM Delay, or Lock Manager. It is Smart Home Monitor

I was running some tests, on my SHM Delay App, attempting to verify what occurred when the siren DTH did not have the built in Beep command. In one series of tests I allowed the Entry Delay to expire and all went as defined. Then I tried again. My Siren beeped at 2 seconds into the entry delay as required, I allowed the entry delay to expire and cause an intrusion alert. I received a phone notification, but no siren. Not only was there no siren, my lighting commands were not executed. After clearing the alarm in the phone app, everything worked as defined.

In my opinion this is a(nother) major flaw with Smart Home Monitor and I plan reporting it to Support. Please do the same.

reported to support
[SmartThings Support] Support request #465494: Smart Home Monitor does not execute commands when an intrusion alarm is not cleared in the Phone App and a second intrusion occurs

Posted on 19.19 release thread

Good to know I wasn’t going crazy :slight_smile:

Yes, it pretty much makes Smart Home Monitor useless and pointless if you don’t want to use your smartphone all the time.

I plan on reporting it through email as well and linking to this and the other thread you created. I wonder if they will get on top of this…

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There ain’t no such SmartApp or Dashboard Solution called “SmartHome:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

It’s “Smart Home Monitor”. … Just to avoid any confusion among readers and support. :sunglasses:


That makes one of us. :money_mouth_face:

I would not go as far as to say SHM is useless and pointless, you still get the notification on your phone, but my rating of it has droppped a few more notches. In a real world scenario alarms should be a very rare occurrance, and hopefully not a reoccurring situation. When an alarm occurs (usually during my testing or miskeying my pin number) I generally clear the warning in the phone app. Now, I will always clear it.

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My bad:poop:
I will proceed with editing my last two posts.

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I agree arnb but I must remember to clear it when I come home in case my family members do not. And if I am away and my family triggers the alarm accidently, then either the alarm wont sound the next time they want to set the alarm and leave if its the member without a phone or it may if its the member with a smartphone who happens to remember to do so.

This is sort of pointless in a family scenario with people who do not have smartphones or may not be as tech savy and forgetful. It just takes one time of forgetting to dismiss/clear the alert and a thief in your neighborhood for this system to be majorly flawed.

Also I just sent a report: [SmartThings Support] Support request #465500: BUG: Smart Home Monitor will not trigger Siren on 2nd intrusion until Dismiss first intrusion

I hope other people will join in and do the same so they see the influx of reports. Maybe tgauchat could chip in as well since hes here right now :wink:

I have setup Lannouncer and it work. I was able to activate the Lannouncer, but it can’t be trigger when I for the Delay application.

Based upon the images and info in your message, I’m guessing you want something similar to what is being done in Keypad_EntryDelay_Talker, however you don’t have any keypads.

If you are using LanNouncer, are you also using BigTalker?

Please let me know how your system is normally armed for Away mode, I will do my best to help you.

I have the BigTalker app, but how I can work Lannouncer with BigTalker together? I can’t find Lannouncer in the BigTalker app.

Detailed Lannouncer instructions are at this link You need the Lannouncer app on your Android (also works on Kindle Fire) device, and a LanNouncer DTH added to SmartThings.

Test your Android device with the Lannouncer DTH in Smartthings. It should talk and make some siren like sounds.

In Big Talker, set it for use with the Lannouncer Device, then create the text announcements

One big gotcha with using Lannouncer. In your router’s DHCP settings reserve (fixed IP address) the IP address for the Android device, or it will stop talking when the router resets its IP address table.

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OK, it works.

Thank you

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Is the delay works with a motion sensor?

Yes when the sensor is specified in a profile and removed from Smart Home Monitor. Is there a problem?

I have removed the motion sensors from SH and created a simulate motion sensor. I am trying to create a new delay profile for the motion sensors, but can’t find in the list under “Real Contact Sensor” and “Simulated Contact Sensor”. However, I see the motion sensors and the simulate motion sensor under “Ignore this motion Sensor when Real Contact Sensor opens”. How do I set this up?

Motion sensors may only be delayed as part of a contact sensor profile. The documentation at the start of this thread has information about handling motion sensors creating an alarm during a delay.

[Update Released] Corrected: Motion Sensor caused False Alarm during Exit Delay

Dec 20, 2017 Away Mode false alarm during Exit Delay.
When not using exit delay from Lock Manager or SHM Delay Trueexit. A followed motion sensor is defined, during away mode a door (contact sensor) was not open, then motion sensor was activated during exit delay time frame, triggering an alarm.

Update module SHM Delay Child from Github