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[Deprecated as of Apr 8, 2018] Smart Home Monitor Exit and Entry Delays (Version1)

(Josh Gruberman) #74

I installed this and was unable to get it to make audible alerts when the door is opened. I have Lock Manager installed and followed all instructions. Could you offer some direction for me to get this working? Thanks

(Arn B) #75

In the Delay Profile: Make sure the keypad is defined and the Exit Delay time is 0, and Entry Delay time is at least 10 seconds.

When testing make sure to set the alarm with the “Away” icon (xfinity/centralite) or “ON” button (Iris), wait for the Lock Manager exit time to pass, the exit tones will stop. Then open the door, you should get immediate entrytones. Any delay is courtesy of Smartthings Cloud Processing and internet delay, occasionally it is significant.

If no tones. Select the Keypad from “My Home” then click on “Recently” There should be a setEntryDelay(nn) command in the list. If not the Profile may not have a Keypad defined, or the Entry Delay is 0

Let me know if that helps. If not please post the type of keypad being used, and all settings from the Delay Profile and Global Application Settings. Also let me know about any other Core, webCore, or SmartApps associated with the keypad.

(Josh Gruberman) #76

So the unit won’t make chimes when the door is just opened normally? It has
to be in an armed mode?

(Arn B) #77

Correct, that option is not implemented in my app or Lock Manager. A simple WebCore piston can handle it.

(Josh Gruberman) #78

I don’t follow you when you say a Webcore piston…

(Arn B) #79

It a rules engine for SmartThings, allowing you to set up automations that are called “Pistons”.

(GP) #80

Notice: SHM Delay is a excellent smartapp. I am posting this as an alternative to having additional smartapps/virtual devices in Smartthings. My suggestion also requires some trial and error for webcore. SHM Delay eliminates the guess work in entry/exit delays, ect.

I see everyone going thru alot of work for entry/exit delays and beep on entry/exit with a keypad/phone/ect. I have:

iris keypad (centralite)
lock manager (e thayer Thanks!)
zipato siren (any smart siren will work)
(and of course sensors, 2 contact and 1 motion for now)

With these four things I am able to have entry/exit delays, keypad beep on arming/disarming, siren beep on arming disarming, siren and keypad warning beep on entry/exit when alarm is armed and push/text notifications for it all. I have done this WITHOUT using:

SHM (smart home monitor)
smartalarm (smartapp)
smarthome (smartapp)
SHM Delay (smartapp)
Virtual Delay Contacts (made in IDE)

I simply have used webcore (or core would work I believe) to make rules for entry delays and beep/siren/push/sms actions. I then used lock manager to program the codes (4 digit for the keypad) and set the exit delay ONLY in this smartapp. I can arm/disarm the alarm from my mobile or keypad or vice versa and it syncs correctly, beeps and delays. All this without using SHM too. The trick is to setup SHM but do not fill any fields for sensors, motions or sirens…leave them blank and then set your rules with webcore or core. If you want more info let me know and I can try to help. Here are some screenshots of my webcore:

(Mark) #81

That’s a nice solution if it works for you, do you want to create your own thread about it to share with others instead of hijacking this one?

(Arn B) #82

I hope someone from SmartThings reads these forums and quickly decides to add a simple entry and exit delay to SmartHome, stopping (almost) everyone, including me, from making up their own alarm system.

WebCore and Core are Smartapps that run in the Cloud, as do all user created Smartapps and User Created Devices. You should look at the code in these apps to appreciate what @ady624 has created, and fully understand how user logic is executed.

Originally, my SHM Delay app was a few Core pistons: Monitor Contact Sensor, Sound Intrusion Alarm, and an Open Door Monitor when system is armed. It worked, but I did not like the processing delays I encountered, and had difficulty coding things like “was the system rearmed during the entry delay time frame”.

As a long in the tooth system designer and programmer, and a long time subscriber to Occam’s Razor, I converted the pistons to Groovy modules, never expecting it to become a SmartApp.

(GP) #83

Yes exactly and well done. ST probably wont have entry/exit delays due to promoting Scott alarm as their security vendor.

I was worried about the delays as well and I seemed to have them to a minimal/nonexistant. I actually recoded and restructured webcore yesterday so I dont have 16 alarm rules. I now have only 7 which really brought the delays (rule delay functionality) down to milliseconds. I did this by having one webcore rule trip the alarm and the each device (contact or sensor) trip 1 virtual switch. The virtual switch is what trips the alarm. Before i had each device trip the alarm in stay and away modes creating alot of rules. The latter works alot better. Your app was pretty instantaneous as well and like I said takes the guess work out of manually programming and reduces delay. I am a network administrator now professionally and got my start in the early 90’s as a alarm service technician (Brinks and ADT and Sonitrol), and really…if you want a reliable alarm system (or anything for that matter), there are two words for it: Hardwired and Local based with a UPS. Its alot easier and less messy to do this wireless though as well all know. FYI…Here are updated screenshots:



(Arn B) #84

Just encountered a very strange and difficult to solve issue that caused the SmartHome intrusion monitor not to trigger and siren not to sound. Fixing it required resaving (with no changes) all SmartHome settings including: Security Away Intrusion sensors; Armed Home Intrusion Sensors, and all Alarm and Notifications settings. I encountered something similar with another Smartapp a few weeks ago where saving the settings with no changes fixed the issue. It feels like something is getting corrupted. I’m going to report this to ST but wanted to give everyone heads up if you are encountering sudden unusual behavior by any previously working SmartApp.

Whie attempting to find and fix this issue, a small reliability improvement was made to the Instant Night Mode Alarm logic and it is now truly instant, no longer subject to event scheduling. Module ‘SHM Delay Child’ was updated on the Github repo, please update your system.

(Arn B) #85

Just wondering, are you using indoor stand alone keypads or outside keypad door locks? If you are using outside keypad door locks, please help me understand why delays are necessary?

I consider your “WebCore alarm system” a good personal accomplishement, but personally I would not use it because: All monitoring sensors are running in the cloud. The actual sensor may be local, but the code is in the cloud. You may wonder why does this matter? Usually it does not, except when the internet connection breaks, then you have no/nada/zilch alarm system. This same issue applies to my smartapp for sensors taken off SHM monitoring, but usually the bulk of a user’s sensors generally remain in local mode with SmartHome providing some backup when this occurs.

One other major issue with doing this in WebCore: Each new sensor requires a bunch of code versus an update to a SmartApp setting. There’s more, but I feel I’ve made my point.

I fully agree the most reilable alarm system is wired, has a UPS, is remote monitored, and uses at least two methods to communicate with the monitor service, but for folks like me who had no alarm system, and do not want to pay a monitor service, Smarthings is a good solution.

Kindly post further updates and code shots for your Pistons on a WebCore forum or your own thread.

(GP) #86

Just one indoor stand alone keypad…reason for delay mostly? One word… our ten year old. He doesnt always have his phone, or its dead or its lost and at home and sometimes brings his house key. To buy a presence sensor or use mobile presence exclusively i cant rely on because of him thus the main reason for a keypad and delay. Yes there are the cloud cons of webcore of course…i realize that. My security camera system i just installed is hardwired/local with option to view remotely. I 100% wanted reduced failure of this so i opted out of a smarthings /wifi camera system. The security system is more of a deterrent with the camera system as a 100% backup. If I have no internet I can go to my DVR and always replay my motion alerts. This works for me. Good luck and still great app. Didnt really mean to party on your parade and thanks for being cordial in your request.

(Ross Mc Carthy) #87

He there.

I’m using the great project from Connect wired alarm system sensors to SmartThings with a NodeMCU ESP8266 [deprecated] to connect my old alarm to smarthings and it works great.

When I try to now use SmartHome Delay though the app says my sensor “is simulated. Please select a differant real contact sensor”… which I guess it is!

I modded the code to ignore this to get the profile completed but it does not work. Probably not a surprise but I wanted to ask the question as to why the app does not work with simulated sensors? Is there anything we could do do get this working?

Thanks in advance!

(Arn B) #88

Sorry you are having an issue with the app. I have no idea why it is not working.

It should work as long as the monitored simulated contact sensor changes status from closed to open. The editing is there to help the user get a proper setup. I looked at the link in the post and it appears to be using Konnected which already has a workaround built into the editing logic.

Please go into the IDE --> Devices, then forward a screen shot of the device you want to use as the “real” sensor. At a minimum I need the data in the Type field. The code changes should be minimal, and we can go from there.

(Richard Cheung) #89

I am having the same issue with the konnected alarm system showing the wired alarm contacts as simulated in your app. The above is a screenshot of my device that is having the issue. Thanks!

(Arn B) #90

Please update SHM Delay Child, then retry and let me know if it works.

(Richard Cheung) #91

That fixed it. I was able to add the delay profiles now. Thanks so much!

(Andrew) #92

arnb, thanks for creating this app, I really appreciate it. I’ve also been having trouble getting the SHM Delay to allow me to add a delay to a Z-Wave Garage Door Opener, as it says it’s not allowed because the “Real Contact Sensor” is simulated. I have updated the app just a few minutes ago. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

(Arn B) #93

Made a minor code modification, created this device in IDE, then successfully tested with it. Please update module SHM Delay Child from the repo or code, retry, then please let me know if it works for you.