I realize the problem now.
forgive my ignorance on the issue.
I am supposed to know this stuff as i got a degree in computer science but it is still a mystery how i ever pulled it off.
The way i see it as a short term solution would be to set your jarvis input/output as default and work your way around other software to get input/output through your prefered devices for that software (whenever it is available as an option).
Although from my experience with jarvis, i may be talking some meters away from my desk microphone and it will pick up a command and execute it. so in a scenario where your game/movie/music is playing loud in the house your headset mic may still get something. (Small chance and it is minor problem usually).
For the moment the way i do it is either switching to a “media profile” which includes vary specific commands of 3+ words to avoid coincidences or just “stop listening” command (which i call “go offline now” as it makes more sense when i call it “back online”).
I would really like to see though if any proper solution is found as i am seriously considering my own set up at home.

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Hi everyone! First off I want to say thanks to everyone for all the fabulous views of my video on Jarvis. There DEFINITELY is more to come! First of all, I had to edit my video on youtube, but because youtube wouldn’t let me, I had to upload a whole new one. The link I provided initially still works, it’ll just link you again to the new video. Just follow that please. I WILL be getting a new video up soon and will be showcasing a few other people’s videos.

I have been invited to a member of the Beta Testing group for the Jarvis Software. I have to say that the Beta software is AMAZING, it has moved leaps and bounds from where it was when I first made this video.

I will give an easteregg though…now Jarvis has web services, meaning he can send and receive web requests. This makes the integration with smartthings so much better! There is much more that will be included in the newest release. What Jarvis is capable now is limited only to what your imagination can do.

If you are interested in being on the Beta Testing team, please send me a private message. In the meantime, please head over to the jarvis page at http://www.jarvis.ai-dot.net and grab yourself a copy of the newest version of Jarvis and test it out. Some new things have already been implemented. If you have any problems installing, setting up, using, or configuring Jarvis, please post them on the forum here: http://www.forum.ai-dot.net or, if you want to do direct troubleshooting AND YOU ARE TECHNICAL (please, if you don’t know at least some coding and/or some stuff about PC’s and networking, don’t apply), please send me a private message and we’ll work on getting you in the beta group.

Video will be coming shortly.


Eric… Great project. One of my biggest interest with HA is communication throughout the house. I’ve put speakers in my rooms and I’ve got 9 Alexa enabled devices in the house.

Take a look at this app, you might find itty interesting to add into your project.

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That is interesting, and I’ll take a look at it. Currently, I’m using a combination of Bluetooth speakers, chromecast audio, LINKS program, and the chrome browser chromecast plugin to get my computer to talk throughout my house on a synchronized setup. I need to make a video on it on my youtube channel.

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The great thing about this one… No pre determined messages. Total freeform tts.

I personally don’t like Alexa and find it a waste of money. That’s just my personal stance through. It’s a good product for others.

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I’m new to the site and thankfully stumbled across your post from a web search I conducted.
I read your article, and was very impressed and inspired.
I was curious if you happened to have a copy of youtube video you created? Apparently its not available on YouTube any longer.

Thank you,


Hi, I’m sorry, I don’t have that video up anymore and don’t have a copy of
it; however, if you need help, please feel free to head over to
forum.ai-dot.net and ask the community for help, they’re very helpful :slight_smile:


Thanks again for the link and the response.

Have a great one.

Sorry, this is old. I’m trying to see if mumble can be used with bigtalker. I appears you have used mumble. Can you share how and what it can do ?


I don’t konw what bigtalker is; however, in regards to my project here, yes, mumble would work fine.

In that case how do I get mumble client to be seen by Smartthings as a sounds device?


Most of my projects involve creating work-arounds to produce solutions for situations that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. If you just want to have your speakers say things based on what smartthings does, you don’t need mumble to do so. You can use the jarvis software directly for that with a combination of IFTTT and SmartThings. Now if you want it to be interactive, as though you ask questions, and the smarthome checks the status of said smartthings systems, and then replies with an answer, then you’d have to create a plugin with smartthings and jarvis for that to happen.

You also don’t necessarily need jarvis to do this. If you have an android phone then you can use Tasker to do the same job as well, but that would be on your phone, not your desktop, like jarvis would be.

The sole purpose of using a teamspeak/mumble server solution is to create multi-room enhancement. I could have a phone with teamspeak on it, stick it up to a speaker, and have multiple phones in multiple rooms, therefore, my entire house would be accessible from any room because teamspeak and/or mumble is the mediator. But SmartThings’ involvement in this is outside of its scope. I use IFTTT to link SmartThings with Jarvis, and then I use teamspeak/mumble to link jarvis’ voice capabilities between rooms.

This solution in no way, shape or form creates an actual device in the smartthings environment. No simulated devices are created at all, no smartapps are used. In fact, IFTTT does most of the work.

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Very nice, your system…any updates ? Do you have an email for private conversation ?