Den available for pre-order today

See here:

I gather they’re Zigbee, so even if they don’t work out of the box I’m tempted to get a couple of devices and see if I can work out an integration with ST. I’d just be glad to have the neutral wire thing solved once and for all :slight_smile:.

Not a ton of technical information on the website.

Some zigbee products use proprietary versions of the protocol so that they are locked down to a particular hub. Guess we’ll see.

I’m in the US, but I share your pain re: lack of neutral wires in the switch boxes.

They are using a proprietary messaging over zigbee, it will not work with SmartThings. You will need their hub. See the existing discussion thread (this is a clickable link)

. We do not plan to ever have an open API so you would not be able to connect to other systems but we are working towards being compatible with Apple HomeKit in the future.

As far as the issue with missing neutrals, most UK members are using one of the in wall zwave micros which does not require a neutral, such as some of the Fibaro models. Then you can select your own switch to go with it, so you can have exactly the same kind of switch as Den is offering. And you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi interference, which is always an issue for fixed location zigbee devices like light switches. :sunglasses:

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Den originally said they were using a proprietary protocol which will not work with SmartThings. :disappointed_relieved:

There was one email from a support person who said they were using zigbee 3.0, but they are not listed under the certified devices on the official website, so I think we will just have to wait and see.


There’s already a discussion going on at Den UK Lightswitches, please take it over there.