Deltaco SH-OP01

Is it possible to integrate Deltaco SH-OP01 smatplug in my Smartthings Hub?

The entire platform is having issues right now, so I wouldn’t try anything for a day or two and till that’s been cleared up.

There’s no direct integration with deltaco, but it’s fairly simple to use alexa routines as an intermediary if you want to do that. However, the integration has also been glitchy recently, so I’m a little hesitant to recommend that method. But you could try it and see.

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There are some people who have been able to get it to work directly with smartthings by flashing the firmware with Tuya connect, but I don’t know if that method works anymore.

So the short answer is no, there is no direct integration. You should contact the manufacturer and request that they add it, you never know. :disappointed_relieved:

The medium answer is that although there is no direct integration, it’s fairly easy to set up a method using Alexa routines (not smartthings routines) as an intermediary, but that method has been a little glitchy lately. It doesn’t hurt to try it though. :thinking:

And the really long answer is that you might be able to flash the firmware on the device to allow it to be controlled from smartthings but that’s a lot of work and requires a lot of technical expertise. Plus an additional device.


Has there been any changes for Integration of the Deltaco SH-OP01 device yet? Must be possible to integrate an API like the one that has been made for Sensibo devices for controlling Heatpumps/AC etc.? or maybe an smartapp which collects data from these devices?

I also have issues discovering WiFi devices in Smartthings, how do i get them to show up when I scan for devices?

SmartThings published their API about 18 months ago so now it is up to the device manufacturer to create and maintain any integrations.

As far as any scanning issues, it depends a lot on the specific brand and model of the device. :thinking:

If you are having problems with a device other than the Deltaco SH-OPO1, please start a new thread and put the brand and model number in the topic title.

Hi. :slight_smile:

What API?? I have been in contact with ST Norway, but they said nothing about any API released for this device, and i have talked to Deltaco manufacturer aswell. Do you have this, or know where i can get it?
I have made the connection trough the Alexa as described above, and it works via Alexa to the Deltaco App itself. But it would be nice to get it installed directly to the ST hub. :slight_smile:

I believe JD was referring to the SmartThings REST API and more broadly to the APIs available for integrating devices with SmartThings. It would be Deltaco that drive any integration, not SmartThings.

However don’t Deltaco use the Tuya platform? A number of Tuya customer brands seem to integrate at least some of their devices with SmartThings so it could be a nut that has already been cracked, though presumably one with a price tag for Deltaco.

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I can add my deltaco bulbs and power outlets into the Ledvance app and then integrate that into Smartthings.

Tuya/deltaco/ledvance all uses tuya in the backend somehow. When I add Tuya integration in Smartthings I get to choose if I want to use Tuya/Deltaco/Ledvance.
For some reason I don’t understand only Ledvance seems to work for me though. But that’s not a problem since I can add my deltaco hardware in the Ledvance app.

Noop. Sorry.
I was wrong. It seems to be that case that even though I have all my stuff in the Ledvance App. When I Integrate that into Smartthings only the Ledvance Bulb is shown. The Tuya and Deltaco HW is not shown.


Not all Tuya based products are integrated with ST. Click on the device tile in the Tuya based app of your choice, in the upper right corner click on the pencil or 3 dots. On the new page 3 party controllers should be listed. If SmartThings is listed you are good. If ST is not listed you will need to use the following work around. I would also suggest you try using the Tuya App since it works with all the Tuya based products which are many.