Delivery time on OSRAM LED White bulbs?

I was wanting to order some of these bulbs, but when I try to order them from amazon it will take around a month to get here. Has anyone ordered them from SmartThings? Is the delivery time much faster than that?

I think you must have been looking as a bad marketplace listing–resellers often make duplicate listings. If you buy direct from Osram (seller “osram”) via Amazon they offer standard shipping. But if you order from Lowes it will be cheaper. The A19 id $25 from Osram-Amazon and $15 from Lowes

Well I was looking at the A19 Soft Whites that are $15. They ship and sold by but are probably out of stock. I then did a lowes search and saw they have them in stock for the same $15 ones. So, the plan is now to go after work.