Deleting Shortcuts?

(david123) #1

Noob here…anyone know how to delete a shortcut? I had to exclude a switch and then add it back and in so doing created a duplicate shortcut for turning on lights. I would think this is very easy to do but I’m seem stuck. Am I the only one with this question? I can’t find it

(Bruce) #2

A shortcut is a SmartApp. On the device itself in Things, drill into its settings, then click on SmartApps. There you will find the shortcuts and an Uninstall option.

(david123) #3

Thank you! I see that now. You can also delete them from the shortcuts with an swipe right in ios8. Now in trying to pair the switch, I got impatient and stopped a pairing in the middle. Now I have two instances of the device. I have excluded one instance and the other is still there. How do I remove the remaining instance of the device? Right now my switch is blinking showing it is unpaired and yet there is an instance of it in the “Things” menu…

(david123) #4

ok, so I found where I could force delete the thing and I did that. I have repaired the device and it seems to work. Now I need to create a on/off schedule for the lamps. trying to figure out how to do that.

(Bruce) #5

That would be in Lights & Switches.

(david123) #6

thank you. I didn’t have that option as it got “hung” when trying to set up the lighting profile. I uninstalled and reinstalled. so far so good. thank you for your help.