Deleting a Hub and Adding a Replacement

I’m back! Things have changed.

In Dec-2017 I replaced my Windows Phone with an Android. Bloody hell, everything is so easy, and there’s apps and things. Amazing.

Shortly after I got the new Android phone my ST hub started misbehaving. A bunch of people from support helped me remove and reset a bunch of things and… everything stopped working. They shipped me a replacement hub along with the instructions that I’d have to remove and readd every thing.

Today I finally had time to do this. I’ve been putting off the chore, and it was a chore. It took about six hours to remove, add, and troubleshoot the 38 devices I have. In fact, I only have 34 installed right now - along with my ecobee3 and the SmartWeather smartapp.

One of my First Alert ZCOMBO detectors was just not playing nice - I’ll try resetting it tomorrow again, but the first one worked with no issues.

One of my Garage Door Remote Controller GD00Z-4 isn’t behaving properly either, even though the hub can see it. I’ll go jiggle the new battery in the tilt sensor tomorrow. That might help.

All my GE Link bulbs paired up nicely, which surprised me.

I also have a few sensors not behaving properly but I’ll give them some time to “bed in”. The last few just need to be found and added - I have a Presence Sensor to locate (oh the irony), and a Aeotec Minimote to charge up and add. Plus I have no idea where my garage motion sensor went.

I also updated my ActionTiles integration and made sure my Netcam Studio connections to my camera were included.

This gave me a chance to update my Home Automation documentation - which is essential, as none of this configuration was in the cloud and had to be recreated from scratch.