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I wish he would reconsider.


Thanks Robin, you’ll be missed. Best of luck with what’s left of the whole-house project!

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A fantastic contributor who will be very sorely missed if he leaves. If it’s possible, he will be missed even more by those of us in the UK who have benefited from his deep local device knowledge. All the best Robin, in all that you do and with the house builds. Robin’s epic New House Build Update - UK thread is still here, for a while at least, for anyone interested in how Robin put 84 Fibaro dimmers & relays to good use - awesome!
Many thanks Robin :clap::clap::clap:


I appreciate Robin.

I don’t love this behavior/action of quite a number of members over the years who have just “packed their bags (posts?)” in a huff and ran off.

While I can … “appreciate” … that there is some wise maturity in choosing to leave what may feel like a toxic or hopeless situation, I admire those who figure out how to see the big picture and the value of remaining a part of an overwhelmingly positive Community and product resource.


Merci Robin ! I wish you the best…

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@anon36505037 has a great wealth of knowledge and I for one will miss him dearly. However, I am hoping that he reconsiders and SmartThings humble themselves and see how/why this all went down. If people like Robin or @JDRoberts are/were not part of this community, then well…it wouldn’t be as great.

Come back Bro! Come BACK!!!