Deleted thermostat, when I readded it, it's all null

I deleted my Honeywell ZWave thermostat. When I re-added it, all values are null. I can turn on the fan and set to hot/cold, but the temp setpoints are all null. Any thoughts?

Wait a while. The tables need to be refreshed.

How long is a while? It’s been about 3 hours now. Is that typical?

I would sleep on it, before I worry…

Ok will do. Don’t remember having it take this long when I added it a year ago.

No change overnight. Rebooted the tstat and the hub.

Since temperature isn’t showing up, I can’t change setpoints due to null errors.

Anyone have any idea why the hub isn’t seeing all values from the tstat?

Ok, that sounds like a bad inclusion. Did you try running a replace? Or even a general exclusion and then inclusion? I have two of these and didn’t experience these issue with either of them.

Also, what do you mean by rebooting t-stat. Did you cut the power to it, sometimes if my tstat goes unresponsive, power cycling helps.

Yeah I have 2 as well - both strong for a year until I removed one to test something. Now I can’t add it back with all values and control.

I did try a repair and it said the device is healthy.

In the graph API, my 1st (and working tstat) shows these operating states:

temperature: 71.0 F
heatingSetpoint: 63.0 F
coolingSetpoint: 78.0 F
thermostatSetpoint: 78.0 F
thermostatMode: cool
thermostatFanMode: fanAuto
thermostatOperatingState: idle
thermostatFanState: idle
currentState: in A/C Mode and is idle
currentMode: cool
currentfanMode: Auto Mode```

but my 2nd one only shows these:

```thermostatOperatingState: idle
currentState: Idle
currentMode: cool
currentfanMode: Auto Mode```

I could try to remove it, reboot both things, then re-include it. 

Just odd that ST only picked up half of the device.

What a pain! That really sounds like a bad inclusion. I would try to run a general exclusion and then inclusion. Are you using a custom handler for your other tstat?

Oh, do not just remove it! that leaves orphans behind. You must exclude it properly. And then include it.

Yeah they both have a custom handler. However, when I added it, it received the default handler and it was null with the default too.

I’ll try a re-inclusion this evening