Deleted rules, but fan still comes on

So I had a rule to turn on my bathroom fan based on a humidity sensor. But I ended up deleting it because for some reason the fan continuously kept coming on today. Now when I select the fan and choose smartapps, there are no smartapps (with rules, just ifttt, echo and other access). But the fan keeps coming back on when we turn it off.

Any ideas on what might be still residing in the ST cloud and how to purge it?

IDE login should should you all smartapps/actors on the device.

Yep, but nothing is showing other than the typical IFTTT and Echo access rights. I rebooted the hub and yet something was still causing the fan to trigger all the way through when I finally gave up and went to bed. This morning I was able to turn it off and so far it has stayed off. But yesterday, I was having several different control issues with the IOS app and all of my switches. So I’m guessing it was an ST issue that finally resolved overnight. A bit frustrating to have to leave the fan on all night with the wife looking cross eyed at me…