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Geeni does make devices under that brand name.


Those are the ones that most people in this thread have been discussing.

Merkury Innovations is the parent company of Geeni. So some devices are also sold under the Merkury brand name.

This is fairly common in home automation. Nortek, for example, makes devices under the names Linear, GoControl, and 2Gig, as well as a few others.

It’s sort of like car companies. General Motors is the parent company of both Chevrolet and Buick.

Anyway, the references to “Geeni products“ is correct. There are devices sold with that brand name in boxes that say “Geeni products.“

There are also devices sold under the “merkury innovations“ name in boxes that say “merkury innovations.” Sometimes these are the same as a similar geeni product, sometimes they are a bit different.


Both model lines use the same Geeni app, but that does not mean there are no Geeni products. There are. In fact, there are more of them than there are of the ones sold in the Merkury boxes.

For example, the surge protector is a very popular device which is sold under the Geeni name, but not sold under the Merkury innovations name, as you can tell by checking the two websites.


So you were absolutely right that the same app is used by both brands and that they are both owned by the same company. But they are two different divisions and they do have somewhat different product lines.

Submitted with respect.

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Some Geeni products can be joined in the smartlife app and then used in smartthings

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