Delayed alarm - Smart Home Monitor feature that's probably needed

So just what nobody wants - an SHM feature request! But this one I think is pretty important and required.

There needs to be a way to disarm SHM within a certain time period after an alarm whereby a) sirens aren’t going off, lights aren’t flashing, etc, and b) Scout (or whoever) won’t call if its disarmed.

User story is as follows… As a home owner / smartthings setter-upper, I want to be able to give my parents a way to enter the house and disarm SHM without triggering alerts or necessitating a call from Scout. Either: I give them a code for the z-wave deadbolt, and their code triggers the disarming of SHM. (This seems totally doable today, but there’s an issue of synchronicity where they can open the door before the state changes.)


I want someone to be able to open the door, and do the secret thing which triggers turning off the alarm. Maybe this is pressing a hidden button somewhere or something like that. When they initially open a door, nothing happens. If they haven’t disarmed the system in 30 seconds my siren starts beeping (not at max volume.) After 60 seconds if the system isn’t disarmed, it is registered as an intrusion.

This would allow me to use SHM as I would a normal alarm system, and would not require me giving out logins and installing an on the phone of everyone who would be coming over when I’m not there. This would also be a useful grace period for times when perhaps I’m without my phone and need to enter without being able to disarm SHM. I don’t want to have to use my phone to arm / disarm SHM (or do anything else, truth be told.)

I think this is a gap which prevents long term adoption of SHM + Scout. From a customer’s perspective.


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Yep, as did several other people: :wink: