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Delay for Intrusion Alert in SHM - Success!


(Robin) #41

Looks good… Should work??

On the restrictions sections, do both Pistons have the following option turned on?

(Robin) #42

When you say siren is ‘going crazy’, can you elaborate on that?

Is it possible another piston, app, SHM is trying to use the siren at the same time?

Maybe look at the recently tab for the siren to see if it’s getting commands from elsewhere.

(Robin) #43

There’s always the option of keeping a universal key next to the siren:


(Jordon) #44

Ya I have that area check. Sometimes the alarm beeps and sometimes it doesn’t. In the recently it says that’s it’s being turned on by the piston. Should beep for a second then stop and beep again but it just continuously beeps or double beeps then single then conitunious. Random it seems. Ahh it’s driving me insane. Hammer might be getting used.

(Robin) #45

Did you say it works for one of the Pistons but not the other?

You’re probably just seeing cloud lag I’m afraid.

(Jordon) #46

It was doing that but now it seems to not work for either. Just going crazy. The piston itself works fine with the entry delay but when it comes to having the siren beep it seems to then start going wrong. Could it maybe be the driver for the alarm that causing this?

BTW love the SpongeBob reference!

(Robin) #47

ST doesent work too well with lots of repetative commands just seconds apart.

I can handle 3 second flashes on my lights mind you.

It really depends what else the hub is trying to do at the same time and on the speed of your internet.

Suggest you space the beeps out a bit more or just have an initial warning beep when you first open the door.

(Jordon) #48

That’s seems to be it. Set it to beep then stop after one second. Now it beeps then beeps again 4 seconds later. Didn’t mean to set it like that but hey I’ll take it. So would you say maybe getting a better router might help with issues like this?

(Robin) #49

Anything less than 3 seconds is ublikley to work in any setup.

(Arn B) #50

Can someone please help a newbie setting up a front door delay using CoRE.

I have successfully added the simulated contact switch device and can directly set it when the Front Door opens with CoRE.

What I can’t find is an option to set the simulated switch in the “Smartthings add a routine” so I can execute a routine in location mode with the delay.

(Ron Talley) #51

Easy thing to do is just use the simulated contact as the actual trigger sensor for SHM.

CoRE Latching Piston

If actual contact changes to open
Then using simulated
Wait x seconds

But if actual contact changes to close
Then using simulated

(Arn B) #52

Thank you for the quick and accurate response. I have it working.

My initial non functional newbie attempt had
Using Simulated FD Sensor
-> wait 15 seconds
Using Simulated FD Sensor
-> Open

(Todd) #53

Here is what I’m trying to do, just delay the front door sensor and garage door sensor until I can turn of the main alarm panel, once that disarms it syncs with SHM and disarms that also. Right now it gives me an intrusion right away before I can disable home alarm.

I created a virtual switch now I just need to figure out how to add those 2 sensors to it and delay them for SHM to sync.

Any help would be great.

(Arn B) #54

I used two Core Pistons with an Xfinity 3400-x Keypad. Change SmartHome to monitor the virtual contact sensor, remove monitoring of the real sensor

Create Piston1
Front Door Opens Piston type:Then If
Restriction: run only if alarm state is Armed/Away or Armed/Home
If Front Door Contact changes to open
==when true==
Using Xfinity Keypad

Follow up with “Front Door Opens Follow Up” in 25 seconds

Piston 2
Front Door Opens Follow Up Piston type: Follow-Up
Restriction: run only if alarm state is Armed/Away or Armed/Home
Using Simulated Contact Sensor (monitored by Smarthome)
Wait 4 seconds

(Todd) #55

I have a DSC alarm system/keypad and I’m running the SmartApp AlarmServer which sync with SHM. Can I set SHM to monitor all devices and than for just these 2 devices it delays entry?

(Arn B) #56

I really don’t know anything about alarm server however if it sets the status of smart home you should be golden. In piston1 remove the 2 statements with the set entry delay, add the garage door to the if and you should be good to go. Remove garage door and door monitoring from Smart home, monitor the simulated sensor in Smart Home

(Todd) #57

I am brand new to Core, so when you are saying remove and add piston, I have no idea what that means, but I’m learning. So how exactly would I use Core to do this?

(Glen King) #58

I have another way to attack this.

Regardless of the security state of SHM, if I or my wife unlock the door it is not a security breach.
Therefore, I’m gonna write a piston with this basic structure:

Absent any other sensors being breached,
Lock opened with any valid user code
Lock opened from inside
Lock opened programmatically
Lock opened with valid presence sensor
Front door contact sensor opens
Virtual frontdoor sensor remains closed.

Lock is forced
Sensor opens while lock remains locked
Virtual frontdoor sensor opens.

And I will take the actual front door sensor out of SHM, and replace it with the virtual frontdoor sensor.
Because I don’t need my alarm going off just because one of us took the trash out the front door without disarming the system.

(Robin) #59

I’d be wary of that one… if someone spy’s on your door with a long range lense, or replicates an RFID tag on your pocket… not only have they bypassed your door but also SHM.

(Arn B) #60

In your programming logic, just prior setting a virtual contact sensor to open status it should be closed to insure an open state event occurs, then closed again in a few seconds. That is how it is done in my SHM Delay SmartApp,

Personally, if I had smart door locks I would not trade a real locally processed contact sensor and convert it to a virtual cloud contact sensor. However, I have an indoor keypad so I must open the door, program a simulated delay, and use a cloud sensor.

I found presence sensors (smartphones) a totally unreliable method for arming and disarming SmartThings. I traded them in for a keypad. YMMV, particulary with an RFID tag.