Def zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.nodenamingv1.NodeNamingNodeNameReport cmd)

def zwaveEvent(physicalgraph.zwave.commands.nodenamingv1.NodeNamingNodeNameReport cmd) {
int length = cmd.nodeName.size()
log.debug “NodeNamingNodeNameReport: ($length)”

: info zwave.parse() failed: zw device: A3, command: 7706, payload: 00
: warn Exception ‘java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: toIndex = 17’ encountered parsing ‘cmd: 7706, payload: 00’
: debug PARSE: zw device: A3, command: 7706, payload: 00

Apologies if this a simple error on my part, my knowledge of groovy is pretty piddling. I have poked at this a few times and I have never found a means to obtain the Node Name. Is this my code or this undeveloped area of the API?


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