Deal on GE outdoor module

(Kevin Tierney) #1

I was in Lowes to kill some time and check out which of their iris modules might work with my new smartthings system. I was pleasantly surprised to see the GE outdoor module marked down to 20$. There was also a GE switch marked down to 30 or 35. From the looks of it, they were selling off their GE stuff that didnt have the iris logo on the pacakging because I saw the same GE outdoor module with an iris logo on it selling for 40

(Tony Policano) #2

Where did you find the unmarked Iris module? In the Iris section?

(Kevin Tierney) #3

It was on the same aisle as the iris stuff, but in a clearance section on the other end of the aisle.

(Tony Policano) #4

Cool, I will head out to my Lowes and see what I Can find. :slight_smile: Thanks!