Deal: 60$ for 6x ge bulbs and 2x minis bbuy

Hola gents, came across a deal and needed to verify compatibility while letting everyone know.

Bbuy deal to where if you purchase a ge a19 bulb Google mini starter kit you get an additional two pack of bulbs.

If you add two starter kits to cart via this offer link, select “add to offer” below each kit and then add them to cart and each will drop to thirty dollars each kit and retain the free two pack.

So then you’ll get two minis and 6 bulbs for 60$

But the most important part I needed to verify, smartthings compatibility. If it is I’m checking out!

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These are Bluetooth bulbs. Not zigbee bulbs like the other GE smart bulbs. There’s no integration with SmartThings or any other third-party except Google home. No IFTTT. And the reviews suck. :disappointed_relieved:

But, hey, it’s a deal! :wink:


Bah. Deal is ded to me. No smartthings no love!
I love having st as a universal connection for my home that ties into Alexa, Google, soon action tiles, different interfaces with so much easy integration thanks to its ST back bone.

But if it don’t give ST any love, I don’t love it.

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