Dead Man switch

Does anyone know of a smartthings compatible “dead man” switch? Similar to a door/window sensor, but, looking for a open/closed sensor that activates on the push of a button (I’m trying to monitor a electrical box being opened/closed). I tried the multisensor, but, its just to sensitive since when the box is closed, it doesn’t sit the same way every time. I was getting some false opens.

I don’t suppose the box opens vertically at all, does it?

Just a standard cover lift.

Okay, but when you open it, does it swing up like a garage door? Or horizontally like a house door?

For example, is it something like this?

More like this
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Okay… I think I’ve got a solution for you then… if the cover flips up like this one, mount your multi-sensor inside the cover in a vertical lineup. Now in the IDE change the device type to a SmartSense Garage Door Multi.

This type of device will look at the tilt angle of the device to determine if it’s open or closed rather than if the magnetic sensor is “connected” or not. Obviously, be the name, this is designed for Garage Doors where it isn’t always easy to find a place to mount the sensor and the magnet together. But it should work here as well. If you open the panel the sensor will “tilt” with the panel door and should register that it’s been opened. Once the panel is returned to a vertical (closed) position the sensor will report closed.

I’ll give it a shot! Thanks!

Theres a few options that would work really well.
I am assuming you already have a door switch on it?

If you can get 9-24v out of that box to power a MIMOlite I would recommend it the most. Other than that, if you have to go battery powered, use an RS100HC door contact with the optional wired inputs inside.

Setting it to Garage Door Mode did it! Works exactly like I want. Alerts me if someone is messing with the electrical panel.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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