Dead Hub what am I looking at to replace

Well it looks like my hub has bit the dust. I finally replaced the batteries tonight and it’s still not peeing on.

What am I looking at to do a hub swap? I’m guessing it’s not just plug and play. Is there anyway to move everything over to the new one or am I looking at the prospect of manually reading everything?

Nope. Every Z-wave and Zigbee device will need to be factory reset and individually added to the new hub.

Even though the info about the device resides in your SmartThings account.

Jesus. That’s awful. Man. This is going to take for ever.

This type of incident keeps me awake at night, and the absolute reason why we need some sort of backup/transfer system from ST.

If this was easy to do it would also make people much more likely to ‘upgrade’ to newer hubs etc in the future, so it makes financial sense from Samsung’s perspective too.

I just wish they would see and do this!

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Yep, it’s going to take forever.

Agree, it’s nightmare-inducing and desperately needs fixing!

There really aren’t that many power users when compared to the total installed user base so the backup utility may not be a fiscally sound area to invest resources.

Based on data published over the years, the vast majority of Smartthings users have 15 devices or less. With the installed user base having so few devices, and most likely simple automations with stock device handlers, rebuilding a setup because of a new hub becomes less of an issue.

I do agree the prospect of having to rebuild is anxiety inducing though. I am still running on a V1 hub with 150 devices in my list. The lack of backup/restore is one of the main reasons I’m still on V1. The other reason is my hub is stable because I no longer receive firmware updates.

If local processing does take center stage though, as indicated by SDC2019, I will most likely be sending my bride on a long weekend away and take the plunge and start over.

The idea of this happening worries me now. :sob:

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