Dead HUB v1 - 2 years old... Huge Dissapointment!

Its funny how the SmartThings sensors cost more than a raspberry pi

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Thanks for your advice, here the result of the ping:

Thanks again!

So, at least we know the hub isn’t completely dead. Did you try a different power supply yet? It might sound crazy, but I’ve seen stranger things happen… :wink:

Hopefully ST Support can help figure this out.Even if your hub is out of warranty, the support team should be willing to help troubleshoot the issue to determine if the problem is with the HUB or with the ST Cloud.

Official reply from support: Your Hub is dead… nothing to do but buy a new one.

Forced Upgrade for the better! Be sure to write ST and say thanks after the frustration wears off.:flushed:

Just connected an old Mac Pro that I’ve had for some years now. Nothing wrong with it but when I purchased a new one years ago, I just put it in the closet and forgot about it. It’s on OS 10.7.5 and I can’t even watch a YT video! Flash Outdated but then can’t upgrade flash because I have to update Safari. Can’t update Safari because it’s part of the OS. Can’t update the OS cause the computer to old. Can’t install Chrome cause computer too old…Oh Yeah, Why did I upgrade the MacPro in the 1st place…:joy:

Sad thing is you are now going to buy the V2 and then the V3 is going to come out a year later!

At least we now have CoRE!

Look on the bright side, now you can justify buying a Samsung S8 that has the new Smart Connect built in already. The V1 and V2 hubs may well be obsolete soon anyway.