Dead hub.. 12 weeks and counting (June 2019)

Just looking on other people’s experience with the SmartThings warranty replacement… I am without a hub for almost 3 months now. It’s been 12 weeks since first reported the issue to SmartThings Support. I’ve tried following up multiple times via email and call but no replacement in sight… Anyone in the same boat?

Wow, that is terrible. Your hub won’t power on at all? As in it doesn’t show any lights? If that’s the case, Samsung is known for dragging their feet on warranty claims. It took me almost a year to get an appliance replaced only to be refunded because the replacement was broken too. If I were you, I would move on and buy another hub instead of waiting for them to replace it. Getting a new hub is like getting one less switch, it doesn’t really break the bank like an appliance would. If your hub is able to power on, then tell us your color the light is, maybe we can help.

We’ve done the whole 9 yards with troubleshooting… Multiple times… The agents I’ve talked to agreed to a replacement… So just waiting on that now… I’ve bought lots of Samsung products - phones, applicants etc. and this is the first time doing a warranty replacement with them… Suffice to say, this will be my last Samsung product… at this point, I’ve stopped expecting a response…I will just go buy another home automation product…