DC1-ZW device not found with the Smart Things hub

I can not add DC1-ZW device that I use to control a set of vertical blinds. I am going through the steps, using the “Generic Z-Wave Device” option as the device selected as this DC1-ZW is not an option from the list. I have defaulted the DC1-ZW. I set-up the hub in inclusion mode and I press the “Z” button on the DC1-ZW. The app just ticks off about 60 seconds and then send a failure code. I have two DC1-ZW units and I get the same from either unit. I can control the blinds manually (i.e. Pressing the “open” or “close” buttons and the blinds work as designed. I had a Wink system before and these units worked that system. Any ideas??

try excluding the devices first…

menu > devices > open your hub > 3 dots in the upper right of the screen > z-wave utilities > z-wave exclusion

Thanks!!! That was it.

Rick Davis