DC Motor Fan Contol

I have the following DC motor fan.


Is it possible to control this fan and speed with a GE 45639 Dimmer Switch?

I have it hooked up but it does not seem to control the speed; however, the on/off functionality works.

If not, any recommendations?

Thank you.

No! You will torch the motor in the fan, the variac in the dimmer, or both. Incandescent dimmers are not designed to control motors.

Unfortunately I am not aware of any supported fan controls at this point so can’t make a recommendation other than to stop using that dimmer.

Maybe one of these?

Lowes has the GE 45639 listed as a fan control in the title but the description still says lighting.

GE-12730 this also works for fan and has low medium and high but I do not know if ST has a device type for it. I have not looked yet.

I installed the GE-12730 yesterday and ST picked it up right away as a dimmer and controls the fan like a champ.

Sorry for posting to a dead thread but curious on this topic if any electrician types could weigh in.

The GE-12730 looks like it says for split capacitor or shaded pole fan motors. So I’m guessing that means it not compatible with brushless DC or is it fine with DC motors but they’re just not common enough yet to warrant reference in the manual? If not safe to use, surely a GE-12722 on/off would be just as sound as a standard mechanical switch, no? If not then is there a zwave/zigbee product to provide any amount of control (even if just on/off) other than hacking into a sacrificed remote?

The load coming out of this switch is AC. Low, med, hi and on/off. Shaded pole fan motor is an AC motor. Your brushless dc motor is definitely not going to like it. There are a couple of dry contact relay modules you can try. You can look at the ST compatible device list to see which one is available. What’s your fan setup look like? Is there an AC to DC converter somewhere?

My fan is a Minka Aire F888-WHF dc motor high efficiency fan. I realize the current going in will be AC presumably the fan has an embedded transformer. So I guess the question is basically if the modulation made by a Zwave fan controller will screw with the transformer and thus dc motor itself. I plan on setting the embedded speed control to max and then throwing away the remote. So question is if zwave fan switch 12730 will screw up motor and if so is zwave 12722 on/off ok. Or if I have 12730 but set it to max and only use it as on off is that alright? I would’ve assumed yes to that final question but then I installed a GE standard dimmer 12724 elsewhere and noticed it dims on and dims off so shows what that assumption is worth…

Ah Minka Aire fan. Ok this I know. You can definitely use any ST compatible on/off z-wave or zigbee switch. Dimmer won’t work with your fan since the dimming function is at the fan and even with the Minka wall mount switch is just a hardwired remote instead of battery operated portable one if I remember that correctly.

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