SmartThings Community is down (21 September 2018)

(Slimshizn) #21

I did try the hub, it was not the issue. The support thought it was a 3rd party smartapp that had originally caused the issue, it ended up being my backup pihole causing it. I have dnscrypt active on my 1st pihole and it works completely fine, on the backup it is also activated although when I disable dnscrypt and point the backup pihole to , smartthings came back online.

For testing I pointed the backup to dnscrypt again, and smartthings stayed online and continues to stay online.

I’ve found that if I do anything that interrupts the internet for smartthings, it will cause that issue again making me point the backup pihole to another dns server, the hub comes back online, and no further issues. Guess for now i’ll use it as a manual backup instead of a fail safe.

I apologize for being an ass clown about the issue. Humbling experience for sure. Thank you everyone who took the time to try to help me with the issue.