Dc.connect.smartthings.com is down (21 September 2018)

Blue (solid)

What it means: Attempting connection to the SmartThings cloud/servers

What to do: A solid blue light is expected during the normal setup process and when downloading firmware updates (in some cases). However, if the light remains solid blue for longer than 5 minutes, this indicates the Hub is unable to establish a connection with our servers. This problem can occur when outbound traffic from a local network is being blocked. Double-check your network settings and make sure the following ports are open during initial setup: 11111, 9443, 443, 39500, and 37. The Hub v1 also requires the NTP port (123)

I had this running since v2 came out. Ports aren’t an issue, I changed nothing, and did not upgrade or change anything on the network. Smartthings has been running flawlessly. The cloud servers are timing out. Ping those two please.

You should contact ST support. Best methods are to call or live chat.

good luck!

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Are you in the U.S.? Just curious.

Thanks, as I have stated I have contacted them. I’m trying to find out if servers are down here in the community. If I could have multiple people verify that the two domains that smartthings tries to connect to are timing out.

Yes sir, east coast.

Call 1-800-SAMSUNG. That would be your best choice. If this was a widespread outage it would be all over the forums.

You appear to be the only one down since yesterday. Otherwise there definitely would have been many posts :slight_smile:

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That’s understandable, Samsung isn’t answering anything about the time outs, neither yes or no. They are looking into it and that was at 2:45pm my time. It’s now 8:48pm and nothing. Help me understand why whenever I try to ping those two from outside or inside of my network they are timing out?

Check this out:

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I can’t answer that. I have a similar problem with Spectrum and the Spectrum app at my place. I can’t ping the spectrum service and have not been able to for 2 months. Thus the app doesn’t work. They are working on it. I would call Samsung back

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I have called back, I have also replied to the email they sent about this exact problem we are discussing. They have escalated it to lead engineers. Problem is that it’s Friday night now, there goes the weekend with out as well.

That stinks.

I do have some of the same logs. I’ll turn off the hue hub and restart the ST hub with hue offline for testing.

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This has happened in the past and has required the intervention of support and sometimes means a faulty hub which has to be replaced. It typically means the hub failed in the middle of a firmware update.

The timing out of the addresses doesn’t mean anything: they have secured access and only a validated hub will be able to get in.

Well that issue isn’t entirely the same. I’m able to get into the app fine and see all my devices and everything, granted they are offline.

Edit, last update went through successfully if I’m reading it correctly which was back in July.

This was a random event at 3:47 AM. Solid blue when I woke up with smartthings hub is offline message, two days ago.

I’m sure this is all very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

OK, then let’s back up, because it’s unlikely that it has anything to do with the URL that you tried to ping. Instead, it’s more likely that the issue is with the firmware in your hub.

So you just said that the app does show the devices. The app doesn’t talk to the hub directly, it talks to your cloud account. ( that’s why you can’t use the app to control any of your devices if your Internet is out even if your local Wi-Fi still works and your phone and your hub are on the same Wi-Fi. The app talks to the cloud, the cloud talks to the hub.)

I agree with everyone who said contact support – – they may be able to see something from their side. They can also try pinging your hub to see if the communication is working in that direction.

Okay it might be I don’t know. The firmware version is 22.14 which appears to be the latest.

I did contact support, actually I was supposed to be updated before they left for the night. Guess it’s another night. Sucks when you get used to the automation ha.


Did you try without the hue hub? What were the results?

I did try the hub, it was not the issue. The support thought it was a 3rd party smartapp that had originally caused the issue, it ended up being my backup pihole causing it. I have dnscrypt active on my 1st pihole and it works completely fine, on the backup it is also activated although when I disable dnscrypt and point the backup pihole to , smartthings came back online.

For testing I pointed the backup to dnscrypt again, and smartthings stayed online and continues to stay online.

I’ve found that if I do anything that interrupts the internet for smartthings, it will cause that issue again making me point the backup pihole to another dns server, the hub comes back online, and no further issues. Guess for now i’ll use it as a manual backup instead of a fail safe.

I apologize for being an ass clown about the issue. Humbling experience for sure. Thank you everyone who took the time to try to help me with the issue.