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Daylight Savings Time issue

(Chris littrell) #17

Anyone know if we are making headway on this?

(Bobby) #18

No, we are still down on the buttom…:grinning:

(Ron S) #19

I am still kind of sleepy! Bobby, you need to keep your poltergeist in check! :wink: where do you store him? Pretty much everything is a toast, fish died, salted and tinned! :wink:

(Bobby) #20

So sorry for your fish. And hope you are doing better yourself. Poltergeist is out partying tonight, it asked for a night off, after working hard in the past 48 hours. Forgot to tell you, I tried to domesticate it and now it moved in, about 6 months ago. It actually been helping me to avoid some major screw-ups, but last week it said enough is enough and went out to screw some nice looking servers, or so it said…Oh well, what do you expect, a beast is always a beast no matter how much paint you put on it.

(Mark slack) #21

I guess daylight savings is a non issue with ST with every thing ealch not working. I have just changed my lighting to specific times which I will have to adjust during the year in my dumb home. What will be the next thing we will lose?

(Chris littrell) #22

Have you chatted with support? I was having similar issues and routines not running. They turned on something so I am beta testing a new scheduler. Since that all working.

(Chris ) #23

Apparently ST didn’t know about daylight savings? My outside lights would normally shut off around 6:30 am with the clocks flipped back they should have shut off around 5:30 am as they’re based on sunrise but they stayed in until 6:30 again.

Sunset/Sunrise not adjusting for DST
(Bobby) #24

It’s a known issue, sometimes when time changes, ST routines fail to run and schedules are all messed up. Luckily it doesn’t happen all the time. I’ve had this problem for the past few years, and only two times per year. So is not that bad :slight_smile: :wink:

(Chris ) #25

So do you just wait or do you adjust the times?


Lights not coming on at sunset minus 20 minutes. They were up to yesterday? DST not working?

(craig gruneberg) #27

Wow! Same here, and since we are 2 years out from previous issues on same subject can only hope it’s A once and done glitch!

(Greg) #28

I am also discouraged that this is still an issue.

(Chris ) #29

Mine worked fine this morning so if its just a one day thing I can’t complain.


Mine worked this eve as it should have. Seems to be fixed.

(Ryan) #31

Mine still started and ended an hour early this morning…

(Chris ) #32

Do you mean an hour earlier than usual? If you have It set to operate in relation to sunrise and sunset it should due to the clocks going back.

(Ryan) #33

I have it set to turn on at 5:45 and off by 7:00am. It did not change with the time so now its turning on a 4:45am and off by 6:00am

(Chris ) #34

Well then that’s not right.

(Swpyatt) #35

I’m still having issues with Sunrise/Sunset. It was off even before DST kicked in. Any fixes for this?



I’m so frustrated with the sunset/sunrise routines. For the past two years I have had to delete and recreate routines whose trigger is sunset/sunrise everytime we adjust for daylight savings time. This month, the new routines refuse to work at all.

Does anyone have any solutions?