Daylight saving time, Spring 2019

Here we go boys and girls. Lay your bets… Whats the chances automations work on time this year? Anyone want to see what the Vegas odds officially are this year?

I vote, nope again we are an hour off for at least a day if not 2.


I did not have any issues in the fall of 2018. That was the first time I had no issues.

no time schedules = no issues.

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I’m in the Eastern US and I had no issues for the first time during a DST <> EST changeover. I have added quite a few webCoRE piston pauses/resumes and No-Operation tasks since last changeover to force the pistons recalculate their next-run times. So, I’m not sure if my changes made the difference, or because SmartThings made some changes on their end. Since I’m not seeing the twice-annual user outcry like usual, I’m thinking it might be that SmartThings has made some corrective modifications.

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I have some time-based automations in the Smart Lighting app.

First one is scheduled for 15 minutes before sunset which tonight would be 7:25pm CDT. Would have triggered at about 6:25pm CST yesterday.

Tonight it triggered at 6:25pm CDT, an hour early.

This is my first DST transition with SmartThings. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

[edited to correct time the automation should have triggered. because I’m OCD]

Report it to support, wait until enough people reported to support, then they will fix it. At least that’s how it’s happened every year for the last four years. :disappointed_relieved:

You can try changing your location in the app to a different time zone location and then changing it back again. You can try rebooting your hub to re-sync it with the cloud. But there’s no guarantee either of those will work.

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My Wemo LAN-based devices that are triggered by Smart Lighting did not adjust for daylight savings time today. It seems to be limited to those devices.

Good job SmartThings :pensive:.

Thanks. Reported. Support request #705509

The automated response says they’re experiencing increased volume due to the holidays.

Err… whut?!

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You should get a response about the time the clocks go back again.


I think you can manually refresh the weather smart app in the ide. It’s the one that updates sunset and sunrise times.

According to its Job History, the weather smartapp did the right thing…

So maybe I should just change my automation to run at 45 minutes after sunset… sigh.

Hanging on waiting to see if the Smart Lighting automation for 10:00pm runs at 9:00.

So this is interesting.

I expect it will run at the right time tomorrow but I filed an internal engineering ticket for the issue where it ran once an hour early.


Thanks, Tom @tpmanley!

For what it’s worth, my Smart Lighting automation that was scheduled for 10:00pm ran at the correct time.

Filed a support case. I’m still having issues with my automations.

All my ST timed automations ran correctly also.

My Morning Routine was delayed for about a minute this morning but eventually ran. A couple of timers were an hour off. Other than those, everything else seemed to work ok.

As far as I can tell this year, time based automations worked, including on Sunday.

In the past they were an hour off.

My sunset/sunrise automations have been offset by an hour since DST change on Sun 10 Mar 2019. How do I fix this?