Daylight Saving Time Change Issues (3-8-2020)?

Long time ST user, but first time I had issues with DST. Automations didn’t fire off as expected and it’s very difficult to know if an Automation actually did try to run because there’s no place in any event log to see events from these yet. I spoke to Alexa to kick off a Scene, and at least the Alexa command was logged, but nothing related to the Scene. We really need more abilities to see events initiated from Automations and Scenes.

DST issues seem to be an annual event, so just curious if anyone else had issues this morning.

I have an automation through Smart Lighting to turn off a couple bedroom humidifiers daily at 8 am and both fired accurately. Unfortunately that’s the only time based automation I have for Sunday mornings. I don’t use time for mode changes, the coffee maker, lights etc on Sundays.

I’ve never had any issues in the past, so I’m not at all worried. My next time based automation was at sunrise, which was 7:32am, but it turned off lights an hour early. We’ll see how sunset automations go tonight.

What time does it show for sunrise and sunset in IDE?

That was this first thing I checked, and it’s right:


The two lights in the sunrise/sunset automation still went off early through:


Here’a something interesting that I just saw too. Looks like the automation ran twice, with the second one being the correct sunrise time. Odd. Check out the times on the screenshots compared to the ones above. The 7:33am state isn’t recorded in those above screenshots because it was already off:

What’s even more odd is the fact that there power values being reported between the off commands, but there was never an on command sent, or manually turned on.

Again, we’ll see how tonight goes. In all the years of using ST, this was the first time I had this happen, but then again this is the first time I’m using Automations vs. Smart Lighting to do this.

Man, that is weird. Hopefully just a hiccup and tonight will go better. I have a few lights that will turn on 30 minutes before sunset tonight, and I’m also EST, so I’ll let you know what happens.

I’d be curious to know if yours will be controlled through Automation or Smart Lighting. Seems like SL is ok and Automations may be the problem. I just checked an SL managed light, and it was ok. Thanks for checking, but just a hiccup I’m hoping.

Yeah, I use smart lighting for essentially everything. For things the can’t use a dimmer setting, I still use scenes via smart lighting.

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Everything here runs under webCoRE AND I have an EST<>DST Piston that pauses all other timed pistons at 04:10 so that they recalculate their timing based on the already-changed clock. So, for me, everything went as expected this morning.

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I have a Smart Lighting routine that turns on a “Simulated Alexa Switch” if my outdoor spotlight is turned on between 30 minutes after sunrise and 30 minutes before sunset.
When the simulated switch turns on, an announcement is made on my echo devices saying “the spotlight is on, it will turn off in 5 minutes” and proceeds to do that.

Last night I turned on the spotlight after dark and the simulated switch turned on and the announcement was made". Obviously the Smartthings hub did not use the appropriate time for sunset.

Interestingly enough, asking Alexa “when is sunset” and the reply was 7:43 pm instead of the correct time 6:43 pm :smiley:

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Just had a light turn on 1 hour early. Set for Sunset -35 which shoudl be aourn 5:20 as the sunset is supposed to be around 6:50. So my ST hub did not change with DST

Same here. -10 mins before sunset and they came on at the same time as yesterday.

One day and everything will be back to normal.


I have the same issue, my sunset automations all came on an hour early, and did not update with DST, how can I fix this? This is very frustrating.

I had a light that was supposed to turn on 30 min before sunset - it didn’t.
Also noticed that several devices were checking status.
Took the battery out of V2 hub and unplugged it, waited 10 secs. plugged in power and battery.
Device status was showing properly.
Guess I’ll see if automation routines based on sunrise/sunset work tomorrow…
Pain in the xxx!
Smart Home? :smirk:

It’ll self-fix by tomorrow

I’m seeing a few pistons fail a location mode condition check even though it should evaluate true.

Things looked OK last night for sunset automations, so let’s wait for sunrise.

Thanks Lee, however, yesterday evening I did log into the Smart Things IDE and rebooted my Hub, I then went into ‘My Locations’, then ‘Installed Smart Apps’ and on the 'Hello Home" app I clicked ‘Update’.

When I first bought the Smart Things Hub, I had issues with my sunrise/sunset automations not working. A community support member had me install the ‘Hello Home’ SmartApp and that solved the issue.

After I made the changes yesterday evening, all my automations for sunset yesterday evening worked just fine, and they have worked this morning as well.

It would really be nice if you could see the sunrise/sunset times in the app - maybe under the “Manage Location” screen.

I know you can see them in the Groovy IDE.

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