Day 2 and a bit more help needed

got 2 Fibraro Dimmer 2 and a Fibaro RGBW installed and all working as expected (thx for the help on the other thread)

I cant work out how to set a scene,
say i want dimmer 1 set to 20%dimmer 2 set to 30% and rgbw set to pink and 30%
I can add a routine but I can only choose the lights and set 1 brightness level for the 3 lights and no colour for the rgb

I can do a smart app thingy, but as far as i can see i need to set an automation trigger,

I was hopping to click a button on my phone and set a scene, any help will be appreciated

One way to achieve this is to create a “virtual switch”. This is not an actual connected device but “virtual” device that you can assign functionality to… in your case, if the switch is turned on in the app to set your scene.

I suggest you read this how to:

I love the internet, and you sir are fantastic, thanks

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